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   Duck Bay Lodge newsletter                 November 2015
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Happy Thanksgiving!

As you gather with your friends and family, we wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving and all happiness together.  From our crowded tables to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! 
Fishing's over.  What's next?

We all hate to see the end of summer. But now that it's over, it's time to winterize the boat. Guests often ask how we prepare our boats for winter storage so here is our checklist:

- change engine oil and filter

- change gear case oil. Watch for water in the oil which will cause the oil to look milky or grey.  If this is the case you'll need to find out why

- remove propeller and check for fishing line near the seals

- add stabilizer to the fuel tank

- add stabilizer to the water separator and run the engine for a few minutes.  This will get the stabilizer to the high pressure fuel pump and injectors

- check starting and trolling motor batteries for water levels; add distilled water if required

- charge batteries fully before storage

- and  if you haven't checked your trailer wheel bearings in awhile, take a look at them too.  

Although that is a pretty short list, it should ensure that when spring comes, there won't be any surprises.  And you'll be on the lake just as soon as the ice is gone. 

Free trip give-away!

We are again having our free trip give-away!  
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