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Fitting Tools and Equipment, Software, and Symposia 
Fit Area Tools and Equipment

Here is a handy checklist of items to assist you if you are expanding or setting up an area for bike fitting. This checklist focuses on "hardware" rather than "software", i.e physical tools and equipment that a fitter is likely to use.
You may have some or many of these already, especially the mechanical tools.
However it is worth duplicating the mechanical tools so as not to arouse the wrath of your service technicians who may be hunting for a tool that has migrated to the fit area.
If you have a favorite tool that is not on this list, let us know and we will add it in.
Contact us if you want further guidance or understanding about setting up a fitting area.
You can download the tool checklist here. 
Choices and Confusion

Bike Fitting software is a topic of interest to many bicycle retailers and fitters. It's a broad term which means different things to different people, and there is a range of products available that do very different things.

To help demystify the topic, we've written a layman's guide to understanding the different types of bike fitting software, which you can find on our website here.

Our new software - which is primarily for fit documentation - is still being developed, but we should have the sizing calculator available as a free internet based offering soon.
   Medicine of Cycling and the Fit Symposium at Interbike
There are a couple of educational opportunities coming up in the USA for bike fitters.  In Colorado Springs in mid August is the 2 day Medicine of Cycling Bike Fit Symposium. This tends to feature advanced topics with a strong physical therapy orientation, and is of most relevance to experienced and dedicated fitters.
Details and registration links here.  John from Fit Kit Systems will be in attendance at this event.
A month later in Las Vegas is the second edition of the Interbike Fit Symposium, a 5 hour event which is being presented by many of the same people from the MOC conference. This is directed more at bicycle retailers getting started in fitting. Details here.
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