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Fitting Tip - cleats, App Update for Tri bikes, New Logo 
Inspect the Cleats
You don't have to be doing a full bike fit to check the cleats on a customer's cycling shoes, which could quickly and simply prevent or resolve problems.  Offer to do it if they are test riding a prospective new bike, or even if they have ridden it in the door for a service. 
Look for excessive wear, missing screws, or loose screws.
These are surprisingly common discoveries, as many cyclists are not paying attention to this important connection to the bike.  Worn or loose cleats can present a safety hazard (hard to click in or out) as well as changing the foot position through the pedal stroke, potentially contributing to knee issues or other adverse compensations.
We've just released an update to the Fit Calculator App  (available for Apple and Android) to include a Bike Length projection for Tri bikes.  This screen has also been redesigned to make it easier to interpret the numbers depending on the bike type, which is defined by the handlebar style, noted in (...)

Remember these projections are for recommending a bike size, and for establishing an initial fit position for a rider. They are not meant to prescribe a final fit position.

If you don't have the App, and are using the slide chart, you can calculate the tri bike length  (top tube + stem) by using the road bike numbers and subtracting 2cm.

Note that the App factors in the Soft Score, whereas you have to do this manually with the Slide Chart.  You can download the latest version of the Fit Kit worksheet for use with the Slide Chart here.
You might have noticed a new Fit Kit logo on this newsletter and the website. This is the first step of a progressive brand image update which will extend to in-store signage, and product decals.  Up for review is the look of the traditional Fit Kit tools as well.  "Classic Oak" will remain an option, but send a message if there are materials or colors you would like to see available!
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