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Fit News, January 2021
The new year is a natural time for aspirations, as it brings the promise of new beginnings, and define ourselves, with a fresh start. We shake off the old and leave behind anything that didn’t serve us the previous year.

January means deep winter. We embrace the New Year’s promise of new life and energy. We wear sparkles. We push the idea of our best selves forward into spring.

With the cold weather, snow, frigid temperatures, and a short supply of daylight, it's easy to let your workout routine—and your fitness—slide during the winter months. But with the right gear, a few precautions, a good plan, and a mindful approach to winter weather, you can make it through the dreaded months and keep your fitness training on track.

Healthy and Fit New Year!

The Many Faces of Fitness
No matter your age, gender, fitness level, current weight, personal issues, family situation–fitness is for you, and Firehouse Gym is the place to become fit.

If you haven't been at Firehouse Gym, lately you are missing some seriously delicious smoothies and energy-infused herbal teas created by the Master Health & Wellness Entrepreneur Jalen Hamilton.

To the right are three of his Tea Bombs that boost metabolism & energy, 
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8-Week New Year's Fitness Plan

Want to lose the extra pounds you gained during the lockdown and start the new year in the best shape of your life? Join my 8 - Weeks Fitness Plan Today!
Outdoor Time in Green Spaces May Be Good for Pain
Studies show that outdoors and green settings offer more than just additional places to be active—being outdoors may help people who are experiencing pain. Read more
Exercise of The Month: Absolute Beginner Bodyweight Workout
No weights, no jumping! You will focus on simple beginner exercises that target every major muscle group. 
Exercise Bursts Can Improve Metabolic Health
Brief bouts of physical exercise can improve metabolic health indicators and contribute to positive health outcomes, according to research published in Circulation.
More Folate Now, Less Diabetes Later
A study in Diabetes Care found that higher intakes of folate could help young adults lower their risk of developing diabetes later in life. Read what foods contain adequate amounts of folate. Read more
Safely Exercising During the Pandemic
Supporting a healthy immune system is important during the pandemic, and exercise is one way to boost health. The American College of Sports Medicine has issued a statement detailing how the average healthy person can safely return to exercise during the pandemic. Read more
Got Zinc?
First, we heard how vitamin D status can play a role in the severity and morbidity of COVID-19; now we’re learning that another nutrient may affect how well people respond to the virus. Read more