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Fit News, February 2021
I hope your Valentine's Day is great.
I hope it's quite a treat.

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day
Filled with things so sweet.

This poem's for you because I care.
I can't get more specific.

Well, yes I can, and here I go…

I think you are terrific!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our gym members stay motivated to exercise year after year, and season after season, because they enjoy their gym experience of exercising with their workout buddies! Together they build a bond of commitment and comradeship that keeps them focused and on track when life's little dramas get in their workout way. Keep up the great work guys!
My Fit Valentine
This year give your special Valentine (or yourself) the gift of fitness and vitality. Give the 8 - Weeks Fitness Plan to those you love and help them get back into health and fitness. Entice them to become proactive and expose them to a whole, a new world of fitness they didn’t even know existed. Read more.
Married Couples Share Risk Factors
Harvard University studied 5,364 partners in an employee wellness program. Investigators found that 79% fell into the “nonideal” category for cardiovascular health, with most also eating unhealthy diets and not exercising enough. Read more.
Exercise of The Month: Low Impact Beginner Workout
30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable, low-impact results.
Recipe For Health: Glazed Butternut Squash With Pecans
Eating more nuts might lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease makes this nutty squash recipe delicious and, a heart-healthy side dish for any meal. Read more.
Physically Active Mons Cope Better
Studies show that the higher the amount of moderate-intensity movement, the lower the negative effect of parenting stress on social relationships and quality of life. Especially during the pandemic.
Americans Are Still Easting a Lousy Diet
Health “report card” published in JAMA shows American adults are still consuming too many nutritionally poor carbohydrates and more saturated fat than recommended. Read more.
Aging Into Fitness
Rocky E. had never set foot inside a gym in his life. At age 60, weighing 270 and in declining health, he was ready to try something new: To exercises with a personal trainer. Read more.