March  2020


National Nutrition Month is an educational campaign focusing on the significance of physical fitness as well as eating nourishing meals. Taking charge of your health contributes to overall well-being; as well as losing weight or staying at your ideal weight, which reduces risks of chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes. 

The campaign, originally "National Nutrition Week," was first launched in 1973, with the theme "Invest in Yourself - Buy Nutrition." The American Dietetic Association (ADA) was an early advocate in getting the message to the public organizing educational events held in schools and health care centers. 

This year's theme is "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle," focusing on exercising regularly and making the best food choices. 

Use #NationalNutritionMonth to post on social media. Spread the word about how you are boosting your nutrition this month! Eat healthy and get exercising... You'll be glad you did!

Stay Focused and Fit

Katherina :-)

In This Issue
Helping Teens With Obesity

Did you know that adolescent obesity has been linked to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, poor self-esteem, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, aggressive and destructive behavior, internet addiction, binging and purging, and other severe emotional outcomes (Reinehr 2018)? Emotional issues are often attributed to bullying and weight stigma.  Read more
Exercise Program Can Restore Heart Health

Studies show following this exercise regimen before age 65 can help the heart muscle regain elasticity and reverse stiffening from lack of physical activity. 

Is Red Meat No Longer The Enemy?

For years, nutrition and health experts have been telling us to cut back on our intake of red meat. Now, a controversial new analysis says this advice was largely unwarranted.   Read more
Another Strike Against Liquid Sugar

A 2019 study published in Diabetes Care found that increasing total consumption of sugary beverages, which included 100% fruit juice, by more than 0.5 servings/day (about 4 ounces) over 4 years was linked to a 16% higher risk for type 2 diabetes, compared with maintaining steady intake.  Read more

Food Trends for a New Decade

Amazon-owned Whole Foods has made some predictions on which foods and products will be trending in 2020. Based on input from dozens of in-the-know store employees, here's what the company sees in the modern shopping cart.  Read more
10 Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly & Natutarely

Sleep is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Without it, we simply aren't able to function at our best.  If you're dealing with insomnia or restlessness at night, here are 10 ways to fall asleep quickly and naturally - backed by science. Read more

Weekly Meal Prep Hacks to Reduce Time in the Kitchen

Life is busy and the days are filled from start to finish with various commitments. Obligations such as work, sports, school, family time, personal time and mealtime compete for our attention, making it a challenge to create that coveted work-life balance while juggling multiple responsibilities. Half the battle is acknowledging that this challenge exists.  Read more 

Kids and Type 2 Diabetes

The early onset of diabetes during childhood, particularly type 2 diabetes, is becoming a growing healthcare concern in the United States. Currently, nearly 100 million Americans are estimated to have diabetes or are believed to be at extreme risk for developing diabetes (prediabetes). Additionally, an estimated 132,000 of these cases have been diagnosed in children and adolescents younger than 18 years of age.   Read more

4 Green Smoothie Recipes

We hear all about the importance of eating fruits and veggies and for most people the fruit part of it is a no-brainer-it's the vegetables that are a struggle. But if you throw some veggies into a blender with some fruit (which will mask the taste of the veggie), then getting your daily greens can be downright tasty.