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Fit News, October 2020
It’s easy to stay active in summer, but as fall takes center stage, it gets more difficult to keep moving. If you’re turning on the TV more often now that colder weather is setting in, it might be time to rethink your activities.

Instead of becoming a couch potato, use that time to move. Challenge yourself to see how many push-ups, sit ups, or jumping jacks you can do during a commercial break. TV time is also a great time to jump on the treadmill for a short walk while you watch your favorite show. The objective is to stay active and have fun!

7 Ideas to help you stay active this fall
  1. Raking leaves. If you have lots of trees in your yard, turn what might seem like a chore, turn it into a fun time. ...
  2. Walks and bike rides. ...
  3. Pumpkin and apple picking. ...
  4. Fall 5K races. ...
  5. Hiking in fall. ...
  6. Get active during TV time...
  7. Join a fun fitbess class...

Right now is the perfect time to start a fitness routine that will prepare you for the holiday season!

Stay Focus and Fit

The Many Faces of Fitness
No matter your age, gender, fitness level, current weight, personal issues, family situation – fitness is for you and Firehouse Gym is the place to get fit.

The beautiful couple in the picture are De Corazon Chivas, with his girlfriend Mamasuki Fit, and as you can tell by their fitness, they have both been Firehouse Gym's members for many years. De Corazon, was placed 3rd in the Iron Man competion last year, and his aspiration is to become a personal trainer and help others achieve their dreams. Good luck my friend!
8-Weeks Fitness Plan

Want to lose the extra pounds you gained during the lockdown and start the new year in the best shape of your life? Join my 8 - Weeks Fitness Plan Today!
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