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FALL 2021
Hello BAC friend, supporter or member, 

One of our longtime members, Jeff Oliver, was on a recumbent bike last weekend. He’s always smiling, always happy to be exercising. I walked over to say hello. He said to me: "Trina, this place is the cheapest health insurance you can buy. Everyone needs this." 

That is so spot on. Prevention costs less and is easier on your mental and physical health. Exercise is one of the best investments you can make in your health and you are fully in control of it. You choose how you exercise, when, where and why. It is empowering and inexpensive.

Health care is costly. Receiving health care includes a lot of appointments that are hard to schedule, and often conflict with school and work schedules. Health care includes a lot of waiting, worry, expensive tests and medications.

I value health care providers. They work tirelessly to care for our community with the resources we have. I am grateful to have access to care when I need it. I bet you are too. I simply would choose NOT to need more health care. It's hard to be seen, hard to navigate, and expensive to resolve. Prevention is better. 

With that in mind, Fall is a great time to fall back into fitness, back into a routine and healthier habits. You deserve it. Give yourself the best chance of staying healthy, of recovering from an injury or illness, by being in good physical condition at any age or stage of life. We are here for you. Start fresh, start over or keep after it. 

In other news, our downtown facility Bay Urban Fitness, is gaining momentum after the shut down of live classes last year. We have full boxing camps, and many indoor RIDE, TRX and Urban MIX workouts to spice up your routine.

NEW this month! You can add on unlimited Bay Urban classes to your BAC membership for just $10/month. Simply hit reply. We'll add it to your account (or get you signed up again!) You can sign up for any of these TRX, RIDE or MIX classes in September. 

MONDAY 5:30 PM URBAN TRX with Nicki




Jump back in this month. We'd love to see you. Stop up to see us, send a personal email to or call Erin or Amanda at 989-356-5600. Get back in action at BAC and consider adding on classes at Bay Urban Fitness. 

Trina Gray 
Owner, Bay Athletic Club 

PS - DID YOU KNOW...that ALL of our group fitness classes at BAC are live and virtual at a variety of times to fit your needs. You can workout in our studio, or in your office, living room, or patio! We take your excuses away. We have been on the cutting edge of live, virtual workouts lead by certified group ex instructors with a great set up! All members have access to our private zoom line for no added cost. 
We are having fun featuring Member Success stories again at BAC.

Luke Neumann wanted a membership to Bay Athletic Club for his 13th birthday in March. He has put his gift to great use. He has logged in 50 workouts already and is so proud. 

Luke's smile says it all. 

He has lost 12 lbs and 10 inches, he has found a passion for working out. He loves boxing classes, strength classes and more. 

Ashley Josey needed help climbing up the ladder to get in the boat last summer. Not this year. She is able to pull herself up every time with no assistance, with her improved fitness and upper body strength. 

On last summer's visit to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore she had to take constant breaks because she was so out of breath. Not this year. She only stopped long enough to take pictures at the beautiful falls. 

Life feels different since she committed to her own fitness. 

These days Ashley never misses a workout. She loves the BAC virtual classes, Body Blast at 6AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She feels accomplished after her boxing classes at Bay Urban on Sundays and Wednesdays. 
Good bye and Hello on TEAM BAC

We sent five amazing Membership Coordinators off to college recently and welcomed five new members of our team -- including three students to a working mom to a retiree finding a fun, happy job for her next chapter.