June 26, 2020

Erin Isaac

Heather Fitzenhagen Has a Choice to Make

The Florida Republican Senate Campaign Committee (FRSCC) exists to maintain a Republican majority in the Florida Senate. Senate President Designate Wilton Simpson leads the FRSCC.

This week, Representative Heather Fitzenhagen, Republican candidate for Senate District 27, was caught talking out of both sides of her mouth by Politico, The Capitalist and the NRA's Marion Hammer. Fitzenhagen, her advisors and her campaign spokesperson launched attacks on Simpson and Senate Majority Leader Kathleen Passidomo, next in line for the Senate Presidency after Simpson.

While Fitzenhagen is free to enter any race she chooses, her attempts to destroy the GOP majority must end now.

  • Fitzenhagen needs to unequivocally commit to voting to protect the Republican majority.
  • Fitzenhagen needs to condemn and apologize for the baseless attacks on Senate leadership.
  • Fitzenhagen needs to immediately fire staff and consultants responsible for the baseless attacks on Senate leadership.

Fitzenhagen's irresponsible actions are putting the Republican majority in jeopardy and GOP voters, donors and caucus members deserve to know: are you committed to holding the Republican majority in the Florida Senate or have you fully abandoned our party and our conservative values?
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