Fitzgerald Square - Landmark
Fitzgerald Square is one of the most prominent meeting places and distinctive landmarks in Downtown, easily accessible by Metro, and easy to locate if flying above as being one of the only large open areas within the skyscrapers.
History of Fitzgerald Square:

The area has been used as a park for as long as the area has been developed; with unofficial games of football being the most popular event in the early history, although at the time it was nothing more than a patch of clear ground. Improvements were slowly added as the city grew and the other available open areas were converted to buildings.
Although the cholera outbreak of 1850 primarily affected New York, several citizens were paranoid enough to dig a well in the park to provide a source of water independent of all others and well away from any dwelling. In the process they broke into a naturally occurring cave system with a small underground stream. This stream was tapped to fill the well, with iron grates allowing inflow and outflow. These grates have long since loosened to the point where they no longer block access to the cave system.
The National Women's Christian Temperance Union raised money to install the Temperance Fountain in 1890 (pictured below). The fountain was a gift to the City from the Women’s Temperance Union in 1890, and was dedicated to the (somewhat naive) ideals of Henry Cogswell. During Prohibition several speakeasys were fond of organizing mass drinking episodes at the fountain as a way of demonstrating their opinion of the Eighteenth Amendment.
Improvements such as paths and fire pits were installed shortly after the Civil War and large bonfires and feasts were popular for some time. The fire pits were removed, and in the center of the square, a wrought-iron statue of Anthony Fitzgerald, the city’s first mayor, became the centerpiece of the park. The statue was installed in the 1950’s, when the park evolved into more or less its current form.
Those who wander through the park may find a somewhat generic civilian hanging out near the Temperance Fountain who is a former bookkeeper for the Black Rose and might be able to give some tips for missions concerning Black Rose financial dealings, for those who are looking for some action.
While most of the park is landscaped as a botanical garden with trees and plants of various kinds mixing with the statues and fountains, the area facing Fitgerald Statue is wide open for events that happen in the park when the weather warms up.
Fitzgerald Square is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in Downtown. There are many striking views as the sea of dense skyscrapers meets the open square.
Fitzgerald Square is more than just a central meeting place for mission tips and the like - it has an important history that tells part of the story of Titan City and there are many unique landmarks and secret spots to explore when you are in the area.