Brain Building Basics
Brain Building Basics You Can Do Everyday with Your Child
Five Brain Building Basics That Are Easy and Fun!
Your child's brain develops fastest during their first five years. That's why it's important to maximize brain building, even before they start school. Brain building might sound complicated, but it isn't. You are likely doing many brain building activities with your child already. That's because brain building doesn't require lots of time, special toys or resources. It's really just recognizing opportunities and expanding on them.

Check out these five VROOM tips to help you get started .
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Even before babies can talk, they're showing you what they're interested in. Look into their eyes, or at what catches their eye, and begin brain building!
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Powerful brain building moments are created when you let children lead the way, and you follow by responding to their words, sounds, actions, and ideas .
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It may not seem like it, but the sounds and gestures young children make are their way of communicating with you! So talk out loud together and keep chatting as your children grow to engage them in learning about the world around them.
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Take Turns. 
Back and forth interactions between you and your children are one of the most important ways to help their brains develop. So be sure to take turns while you're talking, playing, or exploring with your children
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Stretch The Moment.
Build on what your child says, or ask follow-up questions that expand their thinking and learning. When you ask questions like, "What do you think about that?" or "How does that make you feel?" you stretching the brain building moment!
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Q. I know brain building is important, but I'm not sure I'm qualified or have the time and money to do it right now?
A. The good news is you already have everything you need to engage in brain building activities with your child, just by talking and playing with them. Click the video link to learn more.

Vroom: Everyone has what it takes to be a Brain Builder!
Watch to see how everyone has what it takes to be a Brain Builder!

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