Volume IV, No. V | Five Dead Babies and No Investigation | Horrific Abortion Discovery | April 13, 2022 (12 Nissan 5782)
Five Dead Infants and No Investigation.
Horrific D.C. Discovery Must Lead to Autopsies.
Immediate Senate Investigation Urged.
Republican Senators Lead the Way.
Greetings and Shalom!

One of the most horrific abortion news stories in years went viral last week. Images of five dead fully formed infants were published by LiveAction.org. Some of these babies may have survived abortion and then were murdered.
The medical waste company was taking boxes of dead babies away from the abortion mill to be incinerated. Two pro-life activists who were outside asked the driver if they can take one box. Later on, they unboxed the contents and found 115 dead babies.  Five of those babies are victims of dismemberment and what appears from the photos to be partial birth abortion. One baby girl has the top of her skull missing. She has a large wound in the back of her neck, indicating her brain may have been suctioned out in a partial birth abortion.  The pro-life activists made funeral arrangements for the dead babies.
The images are sickening, and reveal the barbarism of abortion.
After the images were made public, a pro-life rally was held in front of the D.C. medical examiner's office. Several pro-life groups were there to speak out on behalf on these babies. Incredibly, the D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, the medical examiner and the Police Chief are refusing to order a medical examination of these babies to determine the cause of death and uncover the laws that were violated. They want the babies carted off and incinerated.
Senator James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) sent a letter to Mayor Bowser, Police Chief Robert Contee and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland immediately demanding an investigation. Seventeen GOP senators and five Republican Members of Congress signed the letter. Senator Ted Cruz also sent a separate letter to the D.C. mayor and police chief.
Where is law enforcement focusing their investigation? They are not indicting the abortionist for violating federal laws. They want to press charges against the two pro-lifers that found these babies, allowing the world to see the evidence of infanticide!
Why won’t Mayor Bowser investigate what happened to these babies? What is she afraid the medical examiner will find? That the infants survived abortion only to be murdered after the “procedure”?
With the evidence right in front of them, the media attacks the pro-lifers who exposed this horror. The Daily Beast calls these babies “five fetuses” to dehumanize them. They ignore the fact that they were dismembered, mutilated and tortured during the abortions, and possibly killed after they survived. The media elite won't show the images. Instead, they publish stories that malign the pro-lifers who made the gruesome discovery.
Should anyone try to excuse the brutal nature of the five babies’ deaths as an outlier, remember that Kermit Gosnell operated his legal abortion mill for decades before it was discovered (during a raid for illegal drugs) that he kept aborted baby body parts in his freezer. The PA Health Department knew what was going on and did NOTHING.
There are thousands of third trimester abortions every year. There is no way to know how many babies are being killed illegally, and after they are delivered alive.
These atrocities are going on all over America. These are viable babies! Why are Americans silent?
WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS? At what point will someone in that godless party come forward and admit these are horrific crimes against vulnerable, helpless children and must be stopped. When will the media stop their relentless defense of Planned Parenthood and the carnage they have caused for the past 50 years?  
Apparently, never.
Recall former Gov. Northam's (D-VA) comments that if a baby is born alive, the decision to save that baby should be between a woman and her doctor. Gov. Northam supports legal infanticide!
In 2019, the Democrats blocked a Senate GOP bill that would save babies born alive after third-trimester abortions.
Suppose instead of five unborn babies, these had been five kittens and puppies that were found dismembered and torn to pieces in a medical laboratory?  Would the Democrats and their media allies remain silent? No.  They would more likely defend the animal rights activists for being resourceful, and report that stealing the dreadful photographs was necessary to inform the public of experiments and animal cruelty.  
By the way, no one denies that animal welfare laws must be enforced to protect animals, wildlife and pets.
But when human beings are treated like lab rats, no amount of cruelty is enough. The pro-life heroes who intervene to save babies and expose the barbarism to the world are portrayed as criminals while the real criminals - the abortionists like Cesare Santangelo and their advocates - are portrayed as honest, caring medical professionals who only want to provide women with health care.
This is genocide. And what of pro-abortion politicians and their supporters who have nothing but contempt for human life? We've reached the point where states like Maryland are passing laws to permit murdering children that survive abortion up to 28 days after birth.

Abortions in leftist blue states are now allowing nurses and physician's assistants to commit abortions. In five years, maybe Maryland will train secretaries to do it.

How about janitors?

The front door leads to the back alley.
We can still make our voices heard. We can write articles, letters and speak out against these atrocities without fear of going to jail or being brought before a People's Court. Those who opposed the Nazis did not have that option. We do.  Americans don’t have to vote for radical pro-abortion candidates. We can stop this. 
The only question that remains is: Why aren’t we?
We encourage our readers to write letters to their Members of Congress, speak out on social media and keep up with this story.

Thank you.

For life,

Bonnie Chernin
President, Jewish Life League
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Wishing Everyone a Happy Passover!
A bright glimmer of hope for this Pesach:

Yesterday was 11 Nissan, and the Lubavitcher Rebbe's birthday. In addition to being a great scholar, teacher and the most influential rabbi of the 20th century, Rebbe Schneerson's remarkable legacy is that he personally met with and changed the lives of so many Jews and non-Jews. The Rebbe grew the Lubavitch movement so that it now reaches every part of the world.

It's difficult to keep our faith strong when everything in our world seems so bleak. But that is exactly when faith is needed most. Think of a dark room and the light that one Shabbat candle can impart and bring to the darkness.

I've heard it said that if every Jewish person in the world would light Shabbat candles all at once on a Friday evening, Moshiach would come.

But we have to do our part. We need to pray for the coming of Moshiach, and take action steps. Become the best person you can be, not what someone else tells you or wants you to be.

Do what is right, not what is popular. Sometimes what is legal may be popular. But that does not make it right.

A dark path leads to more darkness. Celebrate life, and light.

G-d has your back!

Wishing everyone celebrating a joyful and Happy Pesach!
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Horrific Fertility Clinic Mix-up of Embryos
This is why I am 100% opposed to IVF. One way or another, unborn babies are always killed.

A New York City fertility clinic mixed up embryos, a common occurrence.

The fertility clinic is 100% at fault and the fact that they lied is horrendous. But the biological parents of that aborted child will never know their child was killed without their knowledge or consent. The clinic must know who the biological parents are since they performed the genetic tests. Although I feel sorry for what happened to Mr. and Ms. Doe, in my opinion they were wrong to have an abortion and should have had the child.

The only innocent party is the woman or couple who paid for the IVF treatment, and are now never going to know that they were cheated of the child they wanted and deserved.
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