CAWP is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a retrospective timeline, Shaping History: CAWP Through the Years, which explores our founding, growth, and evolution alongside major moments in women’s political history over the past half century. When CAWP was founded in 1971, only 2% of the members of the U.S. Congress were women: 11 women served in the House, and one woman served in the Senate. Of the 12 women serving, two were women of color; both served in the House. Today, women are 26.9% of Congress, with 120 women serving in the House and 24 in the Senate. A great deal has changed since we were founded, but a great deal remains undone — women are less than one-third of officeholders at every level of office we study. Take that fifty-year journey at Shaping History: CAWP Through the Years, and see what was happening in the wider world when we launched our cornerstone projects like Election Watch, NEW Leadership®, or Ready to Run®; watch as CAWP shaped, and was shaped by, 50 years of women’s increasing political power.