Five Reasons Your Church Should
Offer A Personal Finance Course

Now is the time to plan fall curriculum for small groups and classes in local churches. When determining Bible and topical studies, consider adding personal finance course(s). Here are four compelling reasons to make personal finance studies a regular part of your church’s ministry:

#1 Committed Disciples
Many congregations function with an unspoken disconnect between faith and money. Clergy may say a word about money during an annual pledge drive or for a church building project. Parishioners receive annual letters about church budgets and giving. This approach does not connect our spiritual lives with the money we earn, save, spend, and give.

When Jesus is Lord of our lives, he is Lord of every aspect of our lives, including our personal finances. When the church offers personal finance courses, the congregation declares the importance of growing as disciples in the management and use of money. The faithful use money in a way that reflects their Spirit-led values.

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