A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 25, 2019
Have you been to the Garden Center and met this guy? He is saved in my phone as Josh Carpenter Genius .... he is like a real-life McGyver for those of us old-school TV show people who actually had to get off the couch to turn the channels. If you give Josh a problem or an idea, his response is, "Oh cool. So we could [insert his great idea]!" And then I say, "Yeh, that's it!" And he says, "Totally rad." I have gotten in a lot of trouble having him around because my "action" visions are moving a little bit faster than Scott can keep up with. And what is worse is I have to share him with Ann at the Garden Center and that is a complete bummer at times. So this picture is Josh turning 40 and celebrating with the Garden Center staff! They had a celebration for him because he is worth celebrating. He's just a great guy to have around. One, he is a Marine, and well, that's totally RAD. Two, this status makes him even more special because I have the utmost respect for people who serve/served our country and have kept our country safe. Three, I love his beard and I tell him he is like having a live, walking gnome (which is just super cool in my line of work). Four, Josh lives on a farm in Pittsboro, raises goats and chickens and is currently growing vegetables to sell on Saturdays in the Garden Center. Seriously. Five, his wife and daughter are equally amazing and as talented as he is! When I met them, I just wanted to put them in my pocket and carry them around. Six, did you just hear what I said? Fresh vegetables on Saturday that are homegrown in Pittsboro. Seven, he really isn't afraid of anything either. I just went over seven reasons why you should like him as much as we do and honestly, I could keep going. But happy 40th birthday, Josh! We are incredibly blessed to have you on Team FGS and your gifts/skills and happy-go-lucky attitude make all of our days and lives better!  Come see us this weekend and find Josh on Saturday. Wish him a belated big 40 birthday and he will totally help you carry out your items as you bring green home! Y'all - spring is here!!!!  And Scott will be tending the bar this Saturday from 10-2pm with Mimosas, wine and hard cider. It's gonna be an awesome weekend for planting! 
The First Blush Hosta are a very special hosta variety. The red stems make them stand out from their green-stemmed cousins. Green foliage will add lovely color to your garden in the summer. In addition to the red stems, the leaves will turn a beautiful red in the fall! What a show off! ;) Liven up your shade garden with this unique hosta variety.
Petunias can fill your garden bed or your containers! This popular annual comes in so many different colors and sizes, you are sure to find a variety that will be the perfect pick for you. They are a great choice for the "spill" or "fill" in your containers. Petunias also bloom their hearts out all summer long, so they give you an extra bang for your buck!
And many other colors around here! We are fully stocked with Drift, Knockout, and At Last roses! They are absolutely beautiful and will bloom for you all summer long. The fragrance of the At Last is amazing! Whether you want shades of pink, red, yellow, white... You will find just the right size and shade. Roses like full sun, so make sure you have a sunny spot to plant them in.
Have you heard? We officially opened our "bar" for service a couple weekends ago. The bar will be open this weekend with Mimosas, wine and hard cider! Sip while you shop! We will start serving on Saturday at 11! Our very first bar guests are pictured here!
Saturday, May 4, 2019 
Pollinators are vital to life on Earth and yet go largely unnoticed. The ecological service that bees, butterflies, moths and more provide is necessary for the reproduction of about 85% of the world’s flowering plants, including two thirds of the world’s crop species. Not to mention the whimsy they bring to your garden! So get to know pollinators in your environment and the plants that bring them to your yard to learn what all the buzz is about!
Presenters: Gene Carlone & Rick Draney – Durham County Extension Master Gardeners
Registration deadline: May 1
Email  julia@fgdurham.com  or call Julia at 919-484-9759, ext. 100.
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. Did you miss our seminar on growing tomatoes last week? No worries! Our post on Growing Tomatoes has lots of helpful information. Are you ready to plant your containers? We have the plants, but we also have the how-to! Brush up on the Thrill, Fill, Spill technique ! Also, don't forget to sign for our Summer Color Container Design Seminar happening this Saturday!!
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