July 1st, 2022 - Vending Technology News
Tennessee-based Five Star Food Service is deploying the Nayax VPOS Touch Reader on 20,000 machines in its eight-state unattended system to manage payments and consumer engagement. Five Star is a Canteen operator, with locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina.  

VPOS Touch integrates telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management and a BI system, while accepting all cashless payment methods.
With a hi-resolution touch screen and built-in camera, operators using VPOS Touch can offer instant refunds, e-receipts and increase sales with on-the-spot offers, coupons and loyalty cards, opening marketing and social opportunities. A smart technician mode is available for better machine management and reduction in maintenance time. 

Made by API Tech, the Smart Baguette dispenser vending machine combines reliability and respect for traditional bakery know-how. To compensate for the decertification of bakeries in villages or to allow proximity of service, opt for Smart Baguette.

This machine can be placed indoor or outdoor. 100% customizable. Accepts different types of payments. Machine holds 150 types of bread sticks. Fast 5 second delivery.

Thanks to the iCream soft-serve vending machine, operators can now capitalize on the demand for soft serve, especially at high traffic locations like malls, grocery stores, and airports. 

Distributed in the United States by Golden Goose Enterprises, Inc, the iCream soft-serve vending machine has been attracting the attention of fans since it was first released in California last year. 

Since rolling out their first machine, iCream has partnered with Pinkberry, the iconic frozen yogurt brand, and the delicious froyo is currently being offered from iCreams vending machines along the west coast. 

The iCream vending machine is about the same height as any standard soda vending machine and it dispenses vanilla soft serve, or Pinkberry frozen yogurt in a 4.2-ounce cup in less than one minute. 

Customers can order a basic soft serve from the touch-screen kiosk in about one minute for $4, and they can add extras like M&M’s, mix nuts, and other yummy toppings to their order for about $0.25 cents per topping. 

Developed with Invenda’s deep experience in automated retail, their digital signage technology has one sole purpose: to drive your consumer engagement and sales. The Invenda Group AG family of companies is bringing automated retail technology into the future.

Purpose Driven Signage 
With Invenda’s digital signage, you have complete control over their signage technology, and you will be able to do so much more in real-time including connecting with new customers and strengthening bonds with existing customers. 
Besides having real-time control over your signage, you can also: 
  • Automate content to display images and offers at the right time.
  • Provide prices and reviews to ‘nudge’ customers into buying. 
  • Change prices and menus remotely. 
  • Offer location-specific products.  
  • Create custom content for the location where the sign is displayed.

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