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Digital promotions
Digital promotions boost sales.
F ive Star Food Service Inc., a Chattanooga, Tenn.-based vending, micro market and refreshment service provider, has reaped big gains in its micro market promotions thanks to a digital advertising platform that runs manufacturer-sponsored advertising. The digital advertising platform from LightSpeed Automation boosted sales by double digits for one product a month after the promotion began, according to C.J. Recher, Five Star's director of marketing.

As a sales driver, the Vision video screen device has provided Five Star a helpful tool in negotiating promotions with product manufacturers.  There are also possibilities for monetizing the digital advertising.

Five Star mounted the video screens on walls in different parts
CJ Recher
C.J. Recher
of the break rooms, depending on each room's layout.

"We tried to put it in high traffic areas where people would see it, not necessarily having to be right next to the kiosk," Recher says. Five Star also runs digital ads on the micro market kiosk, so the Vision screen is a secondary advertising platform at the location. "We run similar promotions on the kiosk screen." 

The Nimanic app
The Nimanic app allows users to pay for purchases via social media.

Nimanic, a mobile marketing and m-commerce platform for vending, is an app that allows users to pay for vend purchases using social media or credit cards, find vending machines, browse a machine's offerings, text redeemable offers to friends, and access product information. For vending operators, Nimanic offers a way to send social media and direct messages to customers to solicit feedback and promote products and special offers, attracting new users and rewarding their loyalty. The software also provides analytics and demographics that operators can use for marketing to consumers.

Vending operators can register their machines on the platform and create a vend map that customers can use to locate the machines. Nimanic's patent-pending telecontroller allows operators to monitor their machines' status and sales, performing remote audits and receiving real-time notifications.

Readies EMV-Compliant VPOS Touch
The Nayaz VPOS Touch
The VPOS touch will be available in Q4.

Nayax has announced it will offer its new VPOS Touch, an all-in-one telemeter and EMV-capable card reader device, with touchscreen display for consumer engagement, nutritional information, usage instructions and more. This product will be available in in the fourth quarter in the U.S. and Canadian markets.  EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, three credit and debit card networks that formed a consortium for secure transactions. EMV cards are smart cards that store data on integrated circuits. The cards can be inserted into a reader or act as contactless cards that are read over a short distance using radio-frequency technology. The VPOS Touch accepts debit and credit cards, mobile payments, near-field communication (NFC) payments, prepaid cards, QR codes and closed payment cards.

The "plug and play" device is easy to install, can update software remotely, and is durable to prevent vandalism. It enables monitoring machines in real time with continuously updated information.  The 2.4-inch color touch LCD display screen has a buzzer, speaker and six soft-touch buttons.  

Airlift Shoutouts employee rewards
Airlift Shoutouts allow employers to reward employees.
Building on its April national launch with an iPad-based kiosk  for office micro markets,  Airlift has launched the Shoutouts rewards and recognition feature across its markets. Users can purchase Airlift Shoutouts  to gift Airlift funds and send an email including a personal message and a QR code to a recipient. Airlift account holders purchasing Shoutouts can also broadcast a short message on the Airlift kiosks, company-wide. Recipients use the funds by scanning the QR code when they check out at their Airlift market and always enjoy favorable Airlift account pricing, even if they are not account holders.
Timely rewards and sharing recognition stories drives company culture and boosts employee performance. Modern performance recognition programs are social instead of top-down. The Shoutouts are a tool in the $46 billion employee recognition market .

"With Shoutouts, we can shift significant employee recognition spending into Airlift markets," says Airlift founder Sandeep Phadke. "By adding company dollars to employee spending, Airlift becomes a revenue-generating platform, not just a cost-savings kiosk."

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