SEP/OCT 2020
Five Ways to Prepare for the Changing Seasons
Seasons help us mark time. They are an opportunity for us to reminisce with children about past experiences, when we say things like, "do you remember when we picked apples together last fall?"
We can also use a change of season to help children anticipate new experiences when we say, "the leaves on the trees are changing colors. That means we can soon wear the new mittens we bought at the store and visit the pumpkin patch."

Below are five tips to help your family make a smooth transition, embrace the changes, and discover new ways to enjoy the changing seasons.
Dress in Layers - Mornings can be chilly or downright cold, but by afternoon your child might not even need a jacket. Layering helps them choose just the right combination to stay active without freezing or overheating.
Swap Out Extra Clothes - You likely have extra clothes for your child stored at their child care program. Take a minute to check the sizes and types of clothes in their stash to make sure they are appropriate for the coming season and will still fit. Children grow like weeds!
Keep Going Outdoors - It can be tempting to stay inside as the weather cools, but fall is actually a great season for outdoor activity. Since most skin is covered, there is limited need for sunscreen and bug spray. Plus, you probably won’t get overheated even during a brisk walk or while kicking the soccer ball around.
Buy Outwear Now - Even if daytime temperatures are still in the 70s, we all know what’s coming. Don't let winter sneak up on you. Once there is a flurry, stores quickly run low/out of coats, boots, hats, and mittens. By shopping now, you will have a better choice of prices and styles.
Celebrate the Season - Enjoy activities that are specially reserved for this time of year. Visit a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, collect different colored leaves, decorate your front steps, carve a pumpkin, and show your children the joys and wonders of autumn. Remember, for little ones it’s a whole new and exciting world.
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