Question of the Month: COVID-19 Testing
As an employer, what are my obligations regarding COVID-19 testing for my employees?

Under the Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), employers must provide testing in three scenarios. 

If there is a potential work-related exposure, employers must offer testing to the employee at no cost during working hours. If any costs are incurred by the employee (mileage, fees for testing) those amounts should be reimbursed by the employer. 

If there is an outbreak (three or more positive cases within 14 days at a worksite), employers must provide testing to all exposed employees TWICE: immediately, then again one week later. With this tight turnaround timeframe, employers should have a plan in place to take immediate action in the event of an outbreak. 

If there is a major outbreak at a worksite (20 or more positive cases within 30 days), employers must offer testing twice a week to “all employees present at the exposed workplace during the relevant 30-day period” and any employee who remains at the workplace. 

We continue to monitor the guidelines. Contact the HR consulting team with questions.