Farmer Goes to Market Halloween Special
We call it "creepy clown" syndrome.
Those formerly lovable entertainers of our childhood memory have suddenly turned dark and bone-chilling. The mass hysteria over their recent sightings and social-media threats strike us as a little too similar to the recent reports of food dangers hiding in the aisles of your stores. In Halloween tribute to the scariest innocents, Farmer Goes to Market offers this tribute to the top Creepy Clowns of the supermarket aisles.

High-fructose corn syrup
Malice Sweet Malice
Lurking behind innocent labels, hiding in every food you carry from hotdog buns to baby cereal, this mead of menace will punch holes in your intestines and rot your liver from the inside out. Or so the frightening movie trailer says.

Antibiotics_ Are they making us all sick_
Evil Dr. Frank 'n' Beans
Up to 80 percent of all our antibiotics are pumped into the veins of innocent factory farmed animals, creating a poisonous stew of superbugs that will return us to the dark ages of pestilence. Sort of.
The PerplExorcist
Six in 10 American consumers don't know what they are, but 90 percent are sure it's out to get them. Where's the explanation for the epidemic of perplexing Monsantophobia?
Amazon of the Fed
Metamorphosing unsuspecting little girls into libidinous circus freaks and little boys into semisoft lumps of couch-flesh, the toxic stew of steroids that farmers secretly implant into farm animals are destroying our children. (Not.)  
Beware the Fog
A putrid green fog spreads across the food lands, and it's not the hot air coming from Michael Pollan. It's the millions of tons of bug- and weed-killer poured into rivers, lakes and foodies. What shoppers need to know about the fog of confusion.   
Flying spiders and witches and haunts_ oh my_
What treat would you buy these Halloween
prank victims? Depends! 
Trick-or-treat comes disguised as a remote drone bearing creepy surprises, courtesy of YouTube prankster Tom Mabes.

This edition of Farmer Goes to Market is especially important, as it reminds us of how far we've strayed from scientific fact. We should base our laws, regulations and opinions on proven scientific facts and not emotions or loud voices of political activists. Loud does not mean correct. So Farmer Goes to Market reminds us in this issue of the facts and fallacies regarding high fructose corn syrup, the use of antibiotics, hormones in meat and the use of pesticides. The fast-and-loose interpretation of the danger of consuming food that was grown with the use of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides is frightening in its lack of truth and transparency. Just because it is on the Internet does not necessarily mean it is true! We provide FGTM so our readers know the truth and can share information that is scientifically based.
We thank both the Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Corn Board for helping bring the truth to your inbox. 
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