With 88 days left in the year, many of us are rushing to achieve our goals, while feeling overwhelmed by stress at work and at home.

With that in mind, this month's email addresses two themes: managing stress and tackling both short and long term goals.

Let me know what resonates.
My latest article for SmartBrief on Leadership takes a deep dive into three systems/routines that leaders can deploy to regain control and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. 
The invisible demand of collaborative work is draining. This HBR article offers ideas for working more efficiently, improving employee well-being and productivity.
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If one of your worries is losing a key employee, then take a listen to Five Secrets to Keeping Your Best Employees for ideas on team collaboration and motivation. 

In Start Tackling That Big Goal You’ve Been Putting Off, Dorie Clark offers three strategies to help us accomplish our goals. (Not surprisingly, my favorite tip is the first one.)
Playing the Long Game
Speaking of Dorie Clark, I really enjoyed her newest book, The Long Game: How to be a Long-Term Thinking in a Short-Term World. In this HBR Ideacast, Dorie talks about strategic patience.
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