Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday, January 12
  • NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice

Monday, January 15
  • NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, January 16
  • The College Funding Coach-6:30PM

Wednesday, January 17
  • Girls Basketball Game Home vs. Sunset MS-3:30PM
  • PTO Executive Board Mtg-6PM
  • PTO General Mtg-7PM

Thursday, January 18
  • Coffee with the Principal-Mathematics Curriculum Review-8:30AM
  • Mathematics Curriculum Review-6:30PM

Saturday, January 20
  • SVVSD Girls Basketball Tournament-TBA

Monday, January 22
  • Weekly Daytime Tour-9AM

Wednesday, January 24
  • PTO CHUBurger Fundraiser-11AM
  • Girls Basketball Home vs. Prospect Ridge-3:30PM
  • Mathematics Curriculum Review-6:30PM

Thursday, January 25
  • Coffee w/ the Principal-Mathematics Curriculum Review-8:30AM
  • NJHS Induction-6:30PM

CoreVirtues  Letter from Sharon Aguina, Executive Principal

Dear Dragon Families,

In February 2016, Harvard University published a 56-page document representing research and findings for a policy study regarding best practices in Mathematics. This represents the first comprehensive examination of how the new Common Core Standards (Colorado State Standards for us) are being implemented in schools across five states and which of the strategies and supports that schools have been pursuing are associated with students' performance on the new assessments. 
The new Common Core Standards (Colorado State Standards) constitute a major departure from the previous generation of state standards. And like the new standards, the new annual state assessments are quite different from any previous tests. In mathematics, annual state assessments required students to show their work and to demonstrate their mathematical reasoning, not simply to pick the correct answer. These standards were intended to represent a higher level of thinking that students will need to be college and career ready. 

For example, the fifth-grade CMAS mathematics assessment includes questions such as: "Shannon is building a rectangular garden that is 18 feet wide and 27 feet long. Write an equation that represents the area of Shannon's garden. In your equation, let 'g' represent the area of Shannon's garden." In the past, students may simply have been asked to calculate the area of the garden and choose from four possible answers. In this assessment, students are also given the cost of fencing and a gate, and asked to write an expression describing the total cost.

The report addresses what schools are doing to adapt to the new standards and assessments, which represent a significant challenge for teachers and students. The report states, "Many schools have had to overhaul their curricula, strengthen teachers' content knowledge, and rethink the focus of professional development."

So, what's most important in mathematics instruction? In mathematics, the Harvard University Policy Study identified three markers for successful implementation:
  • More professional development days tied to aligned curriculum;
  • More classroom observations with explicit feedback tied to the Common Core;
  • The inclusion of Common Core-aligned student outcomes in teacher evaluations.
  • All of the above were associated with statistically significantly higher student performance on the new annual state tests.
Our present Math Curriculum for K-5 is EnVision with an additional supplement for math facts. We have had this curriculum for eight years and it has reached the end of its natural life. This year we've spent time looking at our curriculum and stretching to make sure it covers the thinking strategies students need. It's a natural segue to look at the new EnVision 2.0 that is closely aligned with the new standards, as well as several highly rated curriculums that are used in the school for Advance Math Pathways in order to refresh resources to our hardworking teachers.

Parent input is vital to the selection process, as we all know how important math is to Flagstaff Academy's students and families. Don't miss your chance to review the options and give constructive feedback. A Board Member will be present at each of the upcoming Coffees.

Additional demonstration meetings include:
View and Give Input for 21st Century Math Resources and Materials  
Please attend any of these sessions and give input!
Materials will be showcased in the LMC during January and February
Thursday, January 18, 2018 
Parent Coffees with Demonstration and Opportunity for Input and Feedback
8:30AM in the Commons
6:30PM in the Commons
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 
Parent Coffees with Demonstration and Opportunity for Input and Feedback 
8:30AM in the Commons
6:30PM in the Commons
Thursday, January 25, 2018 
Parent Coffee with Demonstration and Opportunity for Input and Feedback 
6:30PM in the Commons

Have a great weekend,

Sharon Aguina
Executive Principal
Flagstaff Academy

January Core Virtue: Honesy/Justice

Happy New Year! January's core virtue focus is on Honesty/Justice . The two of these are often addressed together to recognize their connection on many levels. When we teach about honesty, we are focused on more than just accuracy of facts. True honesty is about saying and doing what is true, and about living with authenticity. Students often get pulled into situations where they "pretend to know" something, as a way to avoid embarrassment or shame. But to live with true honesty means that we would not pretend or act in ways that are not representative of our true selves.

Justice requires honesty too. It isn't about retaliation or retribution; it's about making space for the rights and needs of others, and that can't happen without honesty and authenticity. It requires both courageous honesty and deep, open-minded listening, aimed at understanding the other person's point of view. Justice also requires being honest about our mistakes, especially when they have a negative impact on others. Even when our intent was positive, the impact can sometimes be harmful to others...and we have an obligation to own that. Learning how to be honest about our positive intent, while still taking responsibility for whatever negative impact was caused, is an important part of accountability and justice.

Dinnertime discussion prompts:
  • "What's more important: being honest, or being right? Why?"
  • "Can a lifetime of trust be damaged by just one lie?"
  • "What do you usually need the most when your feelings are hurt?"
Best wishes for an honest and just new year!

Kevin Pugh,
Dean of School Culture
Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to fill out your 2018-2019 Intent to Return forms! We're so happy that so many of you will be back for the next school year!

For those of you haven't filled out your form, it  only takes minutes to complete! We need you to submit your 2018-2019 Intent To Return form by Tuesday, January 16th!

We value every member of our Dragon Community and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here for you. 
Volunteer  Dragon Volunteer Opportunities!

We have some fun volunteer opportunities coming up that require the help of many volunteers. Please consider signing up for the following opportunities:
Thanks in advance for signing up! For questions please contact our volunteer coordinator,  Jeannie Torres

 The College Funding Coach at Flagstaff Academy
Date: January 16, 2018
Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m. 
Cost: Free

Did You Know? 
  • College tuition costs rose 275% from 1970-2013 (after adjusting for inflation)
  • 71% of students that graduate from four-year colleges have student loans
  • Since 1999, student loan debt has increased by 500% while incomes for young workers have decreased by 10% since the year 2000
Are college degrees important? YES! In every measure of economic well-being and career attainment, from personal earnings to job satisfaction to the share employed full time, college graduates are outperforming their peers with less education (Pew Research Center, Feb. 2014).

The College Funding Coach is for families, from preschool to high school, who want to learn and plan on how to pay for  college! It's never to early to start planning!

The College Funding Coach was founded in 2002 to help families better understand the complexities of paying for  college and make higher education more affordable.The  College  Funding Coach's mission is to help families save on the high cost of higher education. They have established an approach that helps parents understand the  college  funding process, reduce their out-of-pocket expenses, and balance the challenge of saving for  college and retirement simultaneously.
This is a free educational event.  
                   2017-2018 Activity Fees!

    See how your activity fees help our school!

You may also pay with cash or check, payable to "Flagstaff Academy."
Partial Payments also accepted. 

Families eligible for Reduced/Free Lunch are eligible for reduced or free student activity fees.

To apply for free/reduced lunch,
click here.

Student Activity Fees payments are non-refundable.

Become a Flagstaff Academy PTO "Cheers to Flagstaff" Sponsor!

Introduce Your Business to 600+ Local Families from Longmont, Erie, Boulder, Niwot, Frederick, Firestone, Lafayette, Louisville, Dacono, and Berthoud.

Visit  http://www.flagstaffacademypto.org/cheers-to-flagstaff.html to learn more about the various sponsorship levels and their extensive promotional benefits.

If you have an employer, own a business, or know a group/person that can contribute to our cause, ask them to become a sponsor! Sponsorship is a great way to introduce your business to the Flagstaff Community!

Visit the PTO website: www.flagstaffacademypto.org
Classes in the lead for Kickball (2,400 Box Tops): Preschool 1,259

Classes in the lead for a Popcorn Party (1,200 Box Tops):
Shaffer 1003 - Townsend 962 - Thompson 694

Classes in the lead for Chew Gum at School (600 Box Tops):
 Gianetti 591 - Jamieson 464 - Light 499

Remember the class with the MOST Box Tops at the end of the year receives a Pizza Party! Keep Collecting!

Important Reminders:
  • Please remember to put the student's name, grade and TEACHER in with all Box Tops in a sealable bag/envelope. Box Tops with no teacher name will be included in the general Box Top fund. 
  • Please continue to trim the Box Tops prior to submitting them.
  • Please only include NON EXPIRED Box Tops. Box Tops do expire!!!
  • Please note that eBox Tops will not count towards these totals! Although, we appreciate all eBox Top submittals, there is no way to track all of them to a specific classroom. eBox Tops will be included in the school totals, so please submit them. Only actual Box Tops that are turned into the teacher will count towards these classroom awards. 


Before/After School Care and Enrichment Classes

Flagstaff Academy's in-house Dragon Flight program provides on-site before and after school care and enrichment classes. Dragon Flight provides students a warm, enriching environment while maintaining Flagstaff Academy's standards and values.

January Classes include:
Science Matters, Video Game Development, Junior Robotics, Gear Engineers, Extreme STEM, Project Runway, Little Coders, Mountain Kids Yoga, Fencing, Renaissance Adventure, Chess Club and Private Piano Lessons.

January Non-School Day Care: 
Friday, January 12th - FULL DAY!

Parent's Night Out - Friday, January 19th!

Questions?  Contact Jeanna Peppler at jpeppler@flagstaffacademy.org ,


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