Flamingos Are Flying Off The Shelves!
Here are some of our favorite flamingo items:
Fluffy Flamingo 15"
$22.50 (1)
Flamingo Feathers
Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty
$5.00 (6)
Flamingo Finger Puppet
Puppet Company
$3.00 (1)
Scribbleez 18" Flamingo
Continuum Games
$5.50 (1)
Flamingo Puppet
Puppet Company
$5.00 (1)
Gold Glitter Flamingo Charm
High Intencity/Charm It!
$2.50 (6)
Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float
Continuum Games
$16.00 (1)
Flamingo Plays Bingo Book
$3.50 (1)
Flamingo Light
Continuum Games
$4.00 (1)
Flamingo Bright Oval Pen
Continuum Games
$1.00 (1)
For the Best Up to Date News on the Toy Industry
edplay Magazine
Over the years, my favorite trade magazine to read has been edplay. Their focus on the Specialty market, combined with thought provoking articles and important news in the toy community has made it a must read for me.
A couple years ago, I had an idea about researching trends and themes, and then writing about what I found. My first choice to publish these articles was edplay. If you want to read what the hottest themes are, (and which ones are sinking fast), please get a copy of edplay.
Subscriptions are free - You can sign up on their  website edplay.com . Just click on "magazine" for the drop-down menu and click on "subscribe."
Keeping Our Children Safe
When organizations have an anniversary, they typically host a big event or give something away to their customers.
As we already host lots of events and parties, I decided to look into what we could give away. It needed to have meaning, and not just be something that sits on a desk or gets thrown away.
I have noticed that when I call on my retailers, and talk about safety with products for one and two year olds, that many are not familiar with the Safety/Choke Tube.
When I had my store, I used this item that was developed by Consumer Products Safety Division quite extensively. When parents were apprehensive about whether a toy would be safe for their two year old, I could just show them with the tube. If it fit all the way inside, it wasn't safe. If it didn't fit, then it didn't present a choking hazard.
Parents need this information. We are giving away free Safety Choke Tubes (I had 1,000 made) at the Atlanta Gift Show. We are also passing them out at our appointments.
If you have an upcoming meeting with a SRA Rep, and you would like one, please contact your rep prior to your meeting.
We appreciate you working with us to make sure all the kids we serve are safe.
The Sandy Ruben Team
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