Dear Families,

I'm happy to announce that yesterday, the District issued $30,455,000 of 2017 General Obligation Refunding Bonds. Proceeds of the bonds will be used to redeem bonds previously issued by the District in March 2010. The transaction allows the district to take advantage of low interest rates to reduce taxpayer payments by $3.29 million over time.
Our voters have been very generous with us over the years. We want them to know that we appreciate their support and this transaction gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that in a tangible way.
A highlight of the transaction was the strength of the credit ratings - as you know, the bonds were rated triple-A by both Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Group. There are only six other school districts in the State whose bonds receive the top ratings from both agencies.

Given the timing of the transaction, local residents should expect to see reductions in the tax rates related to the district’s bonds beginning in the 2018-19 tax year. 

Paul Johnson
Innovative Teacher Projects Receive Funding!
The District is proud to announce that twelve teacher projects have been selected to receive Strategic Plan Staff Leadership Grants! This is made possible through a generous $25,000 contribution from Kiddo!

The goal of these grants is to provide leadership development opportunities, enhance curriculum and instruction, and foster innovation.

Our grantees will be working on projects such as: implementing the Curious Classroom program to encourage students to explore; support a service project between a first grade class in our District and a first grade class in San Rafael; an international pen pals project; developing a teacher mindfulness cohort and much more!

Click here to read more about the projects.
Acts of Kindness
We want to thank two of our amazing staff for being kinder than necessary this past week. Monica Tasso, Administrative Assistant at Strawberry Point, went above and beyond to provide extra support to Kimberly Russell, first grade teacher, who demonstrated her gratitude by bringing Monica flowers this week.

We are lucky to have such thoughtful individuals amongst our staff.

If you have witnessed an act of kindness at our schools, please share it with us at
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