Flashback to New York in the 1980s & 1990s
The 80s-90s in New York, a convergence of art, fashion, music, and theater in a kind of cross-pollination where creatives influence each other by virtue of proximity and co-mingling
Fantastic elaborate theme parties! These extraordinary theme parties were only performed for ONE night, making this footage one of a kind and extremely rare!

Shows like: Dali and Gala’s Mad Hatter Tea Party with a surreal dinner party before the performance of Joey Arias and Ann Magnuson as Dali and Gala.
The Fellini Party with a cast of circus performers and Fellini-esque characters in vignettes throughout the club. Disco Hospital with a wild assortment of characters as nurses, doctors, and patients, a stage show, and an absurdist video with a nurse accidentally exploding a patient.  
An extraordinary era in New York City where clubs, storefront galleries, retail stores, and the street were alternative venues for exhibitions and installations of art, performance, music, fashion, and dance.  

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