Kitchen ceiling treatment with beams
Flat Ceiling Designs
Some or all of the rooms in your home may have flat ceilings, but this doesn't mean their design needs to "fall flat". This month we're highlighting how faux beams can be installed in innovative ways to give a flat-ceilinged room more shape and visual interest. 

Below you'll see five customer projects that used beams to transform their ceiling from plain canvas to a 3-D work of art.
Open living room kitchen with Timber beams
Open Floor Oomph

An open floor plan is nice and airy, but one with a flat ceiling like this leave a lot of white space with not much design oomph.

These homeowners broke up the monotony by installing parallel beams across the entire length of the ceiling. 

If you look closely, you can also see how they cleverly mitered the beam ends to blend in with the crown molding.

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A Little More In-Depth

If your ceiling is already covered in planks or beadboard, criss-crossing beams on top of those is an excellent way to add more depth to your design.

The beams changed the appearance of the entire room and I love the hand hewn look. I would highly recommend this product
-- Eric, FL

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Heavy Sandblasted Beams
Rough Hewn beams in grid pattern

Good Grid!

This hexagonal ceiling grid is pretty striking, and looks like something only a professional contractor could build. 

But faux beams with their lightweight and easy-to-cut material make a seemingly complex project like this one simple for a do-it-yourselfer.

Double Duty

If your flat ceiling has one or more support columns, like in this finished basement, you can add faux beams across the ceiling and then cover the column to look like one big structural piece.

This design works best using our 4-sided beams. One side is removable so that you can fit the hollow beam over the column, then slip the 4th side back into place.

Our faux iron strap accessories are also a great add-on to make the design look even more authentic.

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Resawn beams in basement
Art deco design with Timber beams

Art Deco Delight

Using beams to create the outlines, this ceiling with its bold, contrasting colors and geometric shapes looks like something you might see in a swanky Manhattan apartment at the height of the Art Deco period during the 1920s and 1930s.

We especially love the blue sapphire color against the walnut stain of the beams!

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Custom Timber Beams

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Kitchen with Beachwood beam
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Testimonial of the Month

I can't stress enough how impressed I am with your involvement in our order. It sure makes me feel confident that I'm dealing with a quality company that doesn't treat you like some anonymous number in their system.
The product you offer is not only unique and full of character, it appears so close to real with its color and quality I find myself visually tricking friends that stop by.
Thanks for standing behind your company and its products.  -- Derek, Agoura Hills, CA

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