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 Reconnecting Nebraska's Farmers and Grocery Retailers

Sponsored by your Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


Message from Kathy Siefken, Nebraska Grocery Industry Association
NGIA will hold its Annual Conference and Golf Outing on June 11 and 12 at Tiburon Golf Club  in Omaha.  The Conference starts with Matt Davison, well known Nebraska athlete, at 1 p.m., followed by a presentation by M.K. Muehling, international trainer and author, on Communication at Work: How to Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say.  The afternoon's workshops will be followed with a barbecue at 5:30 p.m.  On June 12 we begin the day with a 9 a.m. shotgun start at Tiburon.  Perfect weather is on order!  Registration forms and details can be found at


Kathy Siefken
Executive Director
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association


We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation
The farm and ranch families represented by Nebraska Farm Bureau are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program. We take great pride in supporting Nebraska's agricultural foundation. A key part of that effort is to make sure we produce safe and affordable food. This newsletter is an important part of our effort to connect the two most important parts of the food chain -- the farmer and the grocer -- with the goal of increasing consumer awareness and information about how their food is raised in Nebraska.


An educational program produced by Food-Chain Communications and delivered to members of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association. Farmer Goes to Market was established in 2008 to help bridge the growing gulf between today's grocery retailer and today's farmer, empowering them with full-chain knowledge to carry agriculture's true message to food consumers.


Nebraska's soybean farmers are proud to bring you this information to help answer customer questions
Nebraska soybean farmers and their checkoff are proud sponsors of the Farmer Goes to Market program, realizing that this program provides an integral link in the food system chain. The information provided in this newsletter is a key step in our educational initiative, providing consumers with information on our effort to provide them with a safe, affordable, abundant food supply.


Navigating the New Food Movement:
Don't Assume Everything You've Heard
about Obesity, Fast Food and Deserts is True
Think you know all about food deserts? True or false?

1. Overworked, time-strapped Americans turn to fast food more often than their counterparts with more free time on their hands.

2. School kids are fatter in "food deserts," areas without an easily accessible grocery store.

3. Bringing groceries back into food deserts translates into higher fruit and vegetable consumption by poor people nearby.

Think you know the answers? A recently published set of consumer demographic studies may surprise you and challenge your assumptions about the important issues of obesity, fast food and food deserts. Click here to see what they showed.

Foresight on Food Politics:
Four Years Later, What Has COOL
Done for You Lately?

What has COOL done for you lately?

Mandatory country of origin labeling, or "COOL," was supposed to increase demand for U.S. products because consumers would appreciate exercising their "right to know." On the occasion of the law's recent fourth anniversary, take a guess how much benefit the retail sector has reaped from the additional cost and trouble the law added. Click here for another teachable moment on the difference between what consumers say they'll pay for vs. what they really do pay for.


Competitive Commodity Insight:
Grilling Pre-Season Update
It's a lonely ol' grill, and ain't they all?You should be pleased to know that one estimate now says nine out of 10 American homes own a grill or barbecue. And the long winter has made many of them lonely places. Here's a quick look at the outlook for the common commodities that will be filling those devices soon.

Translating Food Technology:

Can Technology Really Make
the Modern Food System More 'Sustainable?'Can technology save our sustainable souls?

As retailers continue to buy into the "sustainable food" message, farm organizations are responding by arguing that using technology permits more food to be raised using fewer resources. After all, for instance, technology now allows America's beef farmers to basically provide the same amount of beef today using the cow numbers (and environmental impact) of a half century ago. How's that not sustainable?
Here's how, according to some recently released expectations of one famous environmental group.

Meet your Farmers...

For Nebraska Ranchers, it All Comes down to these Months. It's the Make-or-Break Season

Like their grocer partners, Nebraska's farmers face certain crunch periods when an entire year can be made or broken. For instance: Fully seven out of every 10 beef calves in this part of the country are born between February and April. Watch this short interview, as Livingston County rancher Todd Eggerling talks about what he does to tip the odds in his favor.



Why it all comes down to these few months for Nebraska cattle ranchers  

On the Lighter Side:
The Prank that Launched a Thousand Imitators--the Driverless Drive-through
Impressive, yes. But can he pull it off in a motorized shopping cart in the 20-items-or-less lane?

O-M-G, it's a driverless C-A-R!

Click here for more details on today's Food Morality Movement