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Collagen, Botox and what you need for both... 

Collagen, the vital protein that keeps skin youthful and vibrant, is the basic building block of skin, forming mesh-like bonds to hold it firm and to stop it from sagging.  Before age 25 your skin is made up of about 80% collagen. However, past this age, your body looses it at a rate of about 1% per year and your body slows down its production. 

Nutrition helps but so can topical treatments that can stimulate collagen production and potentially reverse some signs of aging. At Derma Bright Clinic, some of our favourites include:

Micro-current is a low level electrical current that simulates your own cellular bio-electrical output; to be specific, about 1/1,000,000 of an amp (a light bulb runs on less than one ampere). This low level energy helps stimulate the muscles of the face and neck increasing muscle tone and keeping your complexion firm and taut.

This facial is ideal for those who have overused Botox since Botox can cause muscle atrophy. How? The purpose of Botox is to immobilize the muscle, even if temporarily, therefore preventing the normal movements of it. This can prevent wrinkles or help maintain certain expressions. However, over time and overuse of it can cause muscle atrophy which will cause the face to slacken and loose its form.

Micro-current with LED wand


Microcurrent facials are a non-invasive way of reigniting the muscle and keeping them plump and active. It will also boost collagen and elastin production as well as ATP, the fuel that cells need to function, by up to 500%.

If you are using Botox this facial is a must for you as it will balance the neurotoxin. The results for just about everyone are amazing even from the first treatment and best of all they are cumulative.

During an oxygen facial treatment, pressurized oxygen is applied with a customized serum to the skin to reveal visibly plumper, younger-looking skin.   

Oxygen has incredible regenerative powers and for decades doctors have used it in the treatment of burns and wounds that simply would not heal otherwise. It is these two very important functions of oxygen that inspired skin care experts to incorporate oxygen into facials and body treatments around the world. 

One of the most important things your skin needs is oxygen. Today, due to the industry and deforestation, the earth's oxygen levels have dropped from 35% to as low as 17% in some cities. The oxygen facial can pump oxygen directly  and we add a special serum to improve its results. 

This facial is a favourite of many of our clients to help boost collagen production and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.
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