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Monthly Specials

Featured Brand  - Tucker's Frozen Raw

   Complete and Balanced Raw Food For Dogs.

A home spun business starting out of the back of our truck in 2009, Tucker's Raw Frozen bones, treats and complete diets are sold in over 1200 retail stores nationwide. 
"We at Tucker's Raw Frozen believe in providing only the finest and freshest food, supplements and treats for your dog. What we cannot see we will not sell."

For more information on Nature's Variety Raw, click on the following link:

For the Month of March, Save 20% On All Tucker's Frozen Food For Dogs. See Below for All March Promos!

New Items
Stella & Chewy's Frozen Wild Boar
Pet Remedy Essential Oil Calming Spray for Pets
Tucker's Carnibars (Dehydrated Raw Food) and Dehydrated Bones
Rad Cat's Newest Flavor - Pork
Lotus Super Premium Canned Dog & Cat Food and Dry Food
Earthbath All Natural Shampoos & Conditioners
OC Raw Goat Milk Cheese
Cocotherapy Coconut Applie Pie Macaroons
St. Patrick's Day Bandanas and Treats

March  Specials

Tucker's Raw Frozen
  •  20% Off All Frozen Food
Rad Cat
  • 20% Off All Varieties & Sizes of Cat Food PLUS Newest Flavor - Pork
  • Dog - All 25oz Freeze-Dried Dinner Patties $39.99 (savings of $5 per bag)
  • Cat  - Freeze-Dried Dinner Morsels 30% Off (3.5oz only)
  • $4 Off Small Bags
  • $6 Off Medium Bags
  • $8 Off Large Bags
Lotus Pet Food
  • 25% Off All Dog and Cat Food Cans
  • $5 Off Small Bags
Wild Calling  - Canned Food Promo
  • 30% Off All Varieties of Cans

Upcoming Events


Pet Fur'tograper
The Pet Fur'tographer will be here Saturday, March 18th taking appointments from 11am-5:00pm.  She will be bringing with her many scenes to choose from including Easter. If you are interested in reserving an appointment, please call us at 817-656-2275. 


Dr. Alex Bekker, Homeopathic Physician Returns 
Join us on Saturday, April 8th, 2-4pm to learn how to use Homeopathy to treat minor emergencies.  Dr. Bekker will be giving tips on putting together a first aid kit that can be applied to both animals and humans. Cost is $30. To reserve your spot, call us at 817-656-2275 as space is limited. 

Tzu Zoo Shih Tzu Rescue 
Shih Tzu Rescue will be here Saturday, April 22nd from 11am to 1pm.  There will many wonderful dogs here looking for their forever home. 

Paint Your Pup 
Join us for our next Paint Your Pup on Saturday
April 22nd from 7:00-9:30pm. We have such a great time at this event each month!  Our artist, Jayson Blondin is great to work with. Remember, you do not have to be an artist to attend!  The artist does all of the heavy lifting.  All you have to do is show up to paint the picture that he has already sketched from a picture of your choice. It is $45 and BYOB. Light snacks provided. Space is limited.  
Call us at 817-656-2275 to reserve your spot.

Below is a link to a few pictures of one of previous Paint Your Pup Events
What To Consider When Choosing A Natural Flea Control Product



Peter Dobias DVM

Flea problems are one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of living with a dog. The pesky little insects have had hundreds of thousands of years to evolve and perfect their life cycle to make sure that their family tree thrives and doesn't wither away. Unfortunately, their resilience and adaptability make it much harder to keep an average dog flea-free.

Fleas had a heyday until the rise of chemical-based flea products a few decades ago!
However, the introduction of powerful drug-based flea control came with a price: serious side effects. Pretty much every single major flea product comes with a history and risk of death after administration.

Success And Failure Of Conventional Medicine
It's true that some drugs and conventional medical treatments can be life-saving, especially in emergencies. However, conventional western medicine has been much less successful when it comes to disease prevention, chronic disease treatment and cancer prevention.

The pharmaceutical industry has worked very hard to make people believe that treating a disease means taking a drug. There are pills for arthritis and pain, pills for heart disease, kidney problems, high cholesterol, cough, asthma, allergies, diarrhea, thyroid gland problems and autoimmune diseases. The list could be a mile long!

Not everyone realizes that every time they take a drug they're introducing a foreign substance into their body with a high potential for toxicity and side effects. The same applies to your dog.

The True Color Of Drug Side-Effects

Most people are so used to seeing the long-term side effects that they don't even register with them. In fact, dividing the effects of drugs into two categories was a very smart marketing idea. The two terms, effects and side-effects, gives people a false impression that these two groups are different, while in reality, they are all just the drug's effects.

Reading a drug label may be similar to reading car accident statistics. We acknowledge the likelihood of being in an accident or even dying, but most people assume the chances of such a scenario happening is very low. We simply try not to focus on it.

In the case of taking or administering drugs, it's hard to accept that it may be us or our dogs who become the victims of side-effects, because most people try not to think about the worst case scenario.

Flea Products And Fatalities

Conventional chemical-based flea products are no different. Pretty much every single major flea product on the market causes a multitude of effects, including death.

As a veterinarian, I'm lucky that none of my patients died as a result of a flea product administration before I stopped using them completely. However, I've seen a few patients getting seriously sick and one dog seized immediately after the treatment. It was very frightening.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took note of the dangers of these products a few years ago. When the EPA noticed an increase in reports of pet incidents involving spot-on pesticides, they partnered with the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine, as well as Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency to examine spot-on products.  They conducted a study of thousands of 2008 incident reports and examined both active and inert ingredients and reviewed product labeling, with the goal of improving analysis and regulation of these products.

The EPA found that the main organ systems affected in dogs were the dermal, gastrointestinal and nervous systems, resulting in:
Hair Loss And Color Changes
Skin Ulceration
Ataxia (Loss Of Muscle Control)
Small breed dogs weighing 10 to 20 pounds were affected at higher rates than larger pets.
The study also found that not only the active ingredients but also the "inert" ingredients can be toxic to pets.

While some of the incidents were classified as minor, it's vital to understand that all products caused deaths and major incidents as well.

What Do Most Dog Lovers Do About Fleas?

This is one of the main reasons people have a hard time choosing the right flea product. In the end, most people subconsciously slide into conventional thinking - that drugs are more effective than natural products.

There's also a misconception about the method of product administration. Many people mistakenly believe that an internal product is more effective than a wash or spray, but in reality, the product efficacy has no connection with the method of administration.

How To Choose A Safe Flea Product

The purpose of this article is not to give you particular product recommendations, but to offer you a few general guidelines that will help make choosing easier.

Here are eight simple steps to help you choose the safest and most effective flea product for your dog:
  1. Always choose natural products over chemicals. 
  2. Never use an oral treatment product.  
  3. Never use spot-on treatments. This applies not only to chemically based spot-on treatments but also those that claim to be "natural" but usually are not. 
  4. Pick a product isn't preserved with artificial chemicals (some of the so-called natural products are not natural.)
  5. Use a combination of natural products - one to use on your dog and one for your home.
  6. Read reviews and ask other dogs lovers for recommendations before you purchase any new natural product. 
  7. Choose brands not manufactured in China to avoid poor quality or tainted ingredients. 
  8. Choose a product from a manufacturer who'll return your money if the product doesn't work.  
Value Perception Of Flea Products

When it comes to prices of conventional drugs and flea products, people are used to them being expensive. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is the only industry that sells chemicals at a higher cost than natural products!

Think about it. Natural and organic foods are more expensive to source and produce than foods full of chemicals and preservatives. Fabrics and furniture made of natural materials are also more expensive than their plastic counterparts.

However, when it comes to flea products people buy chemically-derived drugs for over a hundred dollars per package, despite the potential these products have to kill their dog.

The paradox I often hear people complain about is the price of all-natural, fully guaranteed and completely safe flea products that are half of the price of the conventional products. I believe this happens because drug companies have conditioned us to see their products as more valuable by applying huge markups and hiking up the prices.

It is no longer the 20th century and you have a choice. When it comes to choosing a flea product, do your homework before you treat your canine friend.

Very Important Evanger's Pet Food Update!

Based on recent events with Evanger's/Against The Grain(ATG) products, we have made the decision to no longer carry any of these products in our store.

1) Evanger's/ATG is now recalling ALL Hunk of Beef, Braised Beef Dinner with Chunks, and Against the Grain Pulled Beef cans, regardless of lot code.

2) Pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug, has been detected in Evanger's Hunk of Beef and Against the Grain Pulled Beef cans, with expiration dates separated by 6 months. Five dogs in a single household in Washington suffered acute neurological symptoms shortly after eating the product. One of these dogs was euthanized after secondary complications.

3) Horsemeat has been found in cans marked Hunk of Beef and marketed as beef according to testing by Evanger's.

4) Evanger's claimed to be using "completely human-grade" ingredients in all their products when they did not do so. Evanger's only confessed the truth about this after confronted with an FDA report that disclosed that truth.
We are very disheartened by this news as we have placed our trust in this company since we opened over 7 years ago.

If you currently have any Evanger's cans that you have purchased here at Bark Avenue, we will gladly exchange them for something else or give you a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can depend on us to stay up to date and to carry the best quality products.

Dr Will Falconer has written the e-book, "Vital Animals Don't Get Heartworms".  
It truly is a life-changing way to look at heartworm prevention.  Click on the following link to get your copy today:

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