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Can't believe its already October! We've been working hard to take care of our customers and each other. Hope it's been a great year for everyone so far.

Find out what Birch has been up to with the topics below:
  • Safety Training/ANSI Standards
  • Birch Aerial Fleet Scope
  • Best Place to Work Accolades
  • Aerial Fleet at Birch
Safety First: Train Here for ANSI Standards
New Safety Standards for all Aerial Equipment Effective this December.
Online & In-House Training Available at Birch.
Key changes include...Differentiators between Indoor and Outdoor Capabilities, Wind Limitations, Reduced Lift & Lower Speeds, Gates & Toe Guards Required at Entrances.

  1. Decreased Platform Load Capabilities and Increased Platform Load Sensors – All Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) required to continuously check the weight in the platform and disable function if the load is above the platform load limit. This requires additional systems, sophisticated components, service and training requirements.
  2. Decreased Allowable Tilt Ranges and Increased Tilt Sensors – Drive and certain boom functions must be disabled when out of their slope limit and functions restricted only to those that safely return the machine to terrain within limits.
  3. Introduction of Indoor-Only Machines – Some MEWPs may only be used indoors, not subject to wind loads. This may allow some smaller, lighter weight aerial types while some existing aerials may be rated “indoor only.”
  4. Revamped Terminology – Most terminology used in training and compliance will change. Aerial Work Platforms will become Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). MEWPs will be classified as groups A & B with types 1, 2, or 3 – not booms, scissors, etc.
  5. A Lot More – These are all 'all-new' standards with many changes, including reduced lift and lower speeds, required toe guards on entrances, flexible and chain gates are prohibited.

More from Genie & Skyjack here & try Genie's Interactive Tool about load sense technology.
Work Solutions: Find Equipment, Quick Quotes, Pro-Active Maintenance
Generators & Welders, Lighting, Pumps,
Heating & Drying
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Equipment & Parts Quotes
Get quick quotes for new & used equipment and parts
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Kaizen & Lean Management Means Top Quality Maintenance
Highly skilled on & off-site proactive maintenance &
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On-site, in field & central shop
New Aerial Incoming Damn-Near Daily
Continually negotiating large packages, bringing Birch customers top quality aerial equipment in this high demand construction market. Birch has the largest and best-maintained aerial fleet in the region...
MEWPs from 12’ – 180’: Vertical Mast and Personnel Lifts 12’ – 40’; Scissors - Slab 15' up to 40' & Rough Terrain from 26' - 53'; Booms from 30' to 180'. Telematics installation nearing completion on all major rolling stock for better, faster and more effective assessment of equipment.

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Birch Equipment Wins Best Place to Work Awards
We're proud, grateful and excited to be ranked a Best Place to Work three times over the last 12 months. Its an honor to represent the construction industry when most participating businesses come from banking, high tech. staffing & consulting firms. We'd love to share the stage with more of our amazing customers. More HERE . ..

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A Recruitment Tool for Employers
Youth Employment Services is set up to help local talent and incredible youth find local careers and employers find and develop the future workforce.

Birch has been advocating for programs like this from the beginning and is looking forward to offering job shadow, internship and career opportunities to area youth.

Join others in our industry and add your opportunities to the site too. Visit the Site to find out more.
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