Stuart Fleishman
At the Moulin
36" x 48"

Stuart Fleishman
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I have been painting since 1980 with an extensive learning background in the Visual Arts.  I attended numerous workshops.  To mention a few of the instructors: Alex Powers, Carl Dalio, Ernest Valardi and George James.  I also painted with the Graduate students at the Instituto de Allende Art College in Mexico for nine summers.  I teach Visual Art in Myrtle Beach, S.C.. The mediums I am working in most often are soft pastel and acrylic on yupo and canvas.

Art is a way of expression of my thoughts, feelings and convictions through imagery.  I share my voice about different things as they present themselves to me through color, shape, patterns, line, texture and marks.  I also hope to turn on others in some way to the arts.

I have won numerous awards and I am represented in galleries."
- Stuart Fleishman