Temp- tation                                                                         June 2016 
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Wisconsin Means Business!  
Wisconsin ranked 11th in Chief Executive magazine's annual "Best States for Business" survey in 2016.  Up one place from 2015, and outranking neighboring Iowa (17th), Minnesota (34th), Michigan (40th), and Illinois (48th)!    

In 2010 Wisconsin was ranked in 41st place, and has sequentially improved its ranking each year since then. 
Temptation Trivia  
Standing 7 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 520 pounds, this man spent most of his career as a professional wrestler, but he also had roles in several TV shows and movies.  He is perhaps best known for his role in a movie about fairy tale in which a Princess is separated from her true love and being forced to marry against her will.    
Name this professional wrestler turned actor, and the movie he is best known for.         
If you know the answer, call or e-mail your local branch office by noon this Friday.  One winner in each branch will be chosen at random from those that answered correctly, and that person will get treats delivered!  
Last issue answer: Johnny Cash - The Man in Black.       
Laura Schick
Branch Manager
Eau Claire
11 years
Tanya Vollendorf
Branch Manager
Stevens Point
17 years

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Fun Facts  
According to Chippewa legend, Wisconsin Indians were visited several times by "Sky-men".  

In one such encounter some Indians saw a man sitting on the grass.  When they approached him he said, "I don't belong here.  I dropped from above."  The man stayed with the tribe for a period of time, and every day at sundown he watched the sky saying, "Something will come down, I will go up." One evening they observed a brilliant star shining in the sky.  The star came down to the ground and the man got in it.  The star then rose and the man was gone.     


      Celebrating Over 40 Years of Staffing Excellence!   

ACA Marketplaces Losing UnitedHealth  
has filed paperwork to offer plans in the health-law marketplaces of only 6 states in 2017, providing the most complete picture so far of its previously announced widespread withdrawal. 
The biggest U.S. health insurer said in April that it would pull out of all but a handful of the 34 states where it was selling the Affordable Care Act exchange plans, in the wake of mounting losses in that business.  UnitedHealth lost $475 million on the ACA exchanges last year and could lose another $500 million this year.
Overtime Rules Finalized    
Since our last issue, the Department of Labor has fi nalized its ruling on overtime pay.  The DOL originally proposed a threshold of $970 per week or $50,440 annually, but the new rule reached a compromise based on the 40th percentile of income for salaried full-time workers in the region of the US with the lowest wages 
(currently the South).
Therefore, starti ng in December 2016, the salary threshold to avoid paying overtime will move to $913 per week, or an annual salary of $47,476.  Further inflation adjustments will be made every three years thereafter using the same 40th percentile criteria

One Minute Ideas
21 Tips to Avoid the Dark Side of Management
Keep an open mind.  Don't think or act like you know everything. If you're a new manager, don't make changes right away unless it's critical to do so.
Practice listening.  Know your employees. Get to know your staff. Walk the floor a couple of times a day. Engage your staff. Ask for their ideas. Communicate effectively to avoid unwelcome surprises. An added benefit - you'll hear about problems early before it's too late.
Be approachable.  Don't flaunt your position. When an employee asks to talk with you. Let the person talk or set a more convenient time for you both. When the discussion starts, put the pen down. Show good listening skills. Maintain good eye contact.
Avoid the over-use of the pronoun, "I."  Look for opportunities to use the word, "we." That goes for meetings and written communication.Try never to start a paragraph using "I."
Recognize employee productivity.  Always give due-credit for performance.
Be assertive.  Don't procrastinate on threats to your staff or the organization. Deal effectively with politics. For every problem, anticipate a multitude of solutions. They might not all work, but be resourceful. Keep your ego in check. Understand the difference between being assertive vs. aggressive. 
Timing and mode of communication are important.  Know the time when it's best to communicate matters and how to do it. Personal meetings are more productive than e-mails on introducing critical topics.
Respect your employees.  Be fair. Don't under-estimate them. For example, if you have a cash-flow issue, talk with them about it and discuss options. 
Don't confuse process with outcomes.  Explain what's going on without making rash promises you can't keep, especially where it applies to remuneration.

Follow this link for the other 11 tips: 21 Tips

From Terry Corbell via The Biz Coach    
Key Lime Cake


1 (18.25 oz) package lemon cake mix
1 1/3 C vegetable oil
4 eggs
1 (3oz) package lime flavored Jell-O mix
3/4 C orange juice

1/2 C butter
1 (8oz) package cream cheese
3 T fresh lime juice
4 C powdered sugar  
in a large mixing bowl combine cake mix, gelatin mix, oil, eggs, and orange juice.  Pour into three 8 inch cake pans (or one 9 x 13 sheet pan).  Bake according to instructions on box.  Allow to cool, then frost.
Frosting directions: In a large bowl, beat the butter and cream cheese until light and fluffy.  Add lime juice and powdered sugar. Mix well.  


Inspirational Quote
 Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. - Warren Buffet