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                                                                       October  2019 
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 at 50-year Low! 
The unemployment rate dropped from 3.7% to 3.5% in September reaching its lowest point since December of 1969. Nearly 50 years. 

The jobless rate for Hispanics hit a new record low at 3.9%, a decrease of .3%, while the level for African Americans maintained its lowest ever.  

Meanwhile, the labor participation rate held steady at 63.2%.
Tracey Miller
Area Manager
Appleton - Fond du Lac
23  years
Andrea Turnquist
Senior Staffing Specialist
Stevens Point
12 years

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Stevens Point folklore tells of a bride killed in a car accident on her wedding night on the Highway 66 bridge over the Plover River that can allegedly be seen standing on the bridge, but also is said to appear in the backseat of cars, seen only by the driver in the rearview mirror.
Octagon House, in Fond du Lac, was featured on the History Channel show Hidden Passages and called one of the most haunted buildings in the state. 

The owner of the Lorelei Inn, in Allouez, claims to have seen cigarette smoke come out of nowhere and go up the stairs, and that the TV turned on by itself, and two chairs were flipped to face the TV.  
UW Eau Claire's Kjer Theater is said to be haunted by Earl Kjer, the founder. People say that he had a favorite seat that he sat in for every production. Now some who sit in that seat report hearing the ghost yell at them in anger.
The owner of the Stone Arch Pub, in Appleton, reports beer glasses sliding down the bar with no people around, and the elevator randomly opening up in the middle of the night with nobody else in the building.
At the old Walmart, in  Chilton, folks say that shadowy figures have been seen in the aisles and that store stock has moved or been thrown on the ground. Electronics operate by themselves, mists appear out of nowhere, cold spots abound, and muddy footprints turn up on newly mopped floors.
Although the Maribel Caves Hotel, in Maribel, was destroyed by a fire, and only ruins remain, legend says that if you take a book into the hotel it will burst into flames, and that the well in front of the hotel, later used as a flower garden, is a portal to hell, and that if you get too close it will pull you in. Witnesses report intense heat when they get close to the well.
At the Sheboygan Yacht Club, w orkers have had problems with lights being turned back on after turning them off, and experienced feelings of being watched. One reported seeing a figure of a man in the basement prior to closing up.


Celebrating Over 45 Years of Staffing Excellence!

Alexa...  Find me a job.  
At the end of September,  McDonald's  announced  that job seekers are now able to apply for their open positions through their Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.
By using Apply Thru, an application or "skill" for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, job seekers simply say "Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald's" or "Ok Google, talk to McDonald's Apply Thru." The application then asks the applicant for some basic personal information like their name, position of interest, and their location. It also lists open positions in the applicant's area, and then texts a link to an official application.  
As David Fairhurst, McDonald's Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, said in a statement, "We must continue to innovate and think of creative, and in this case, groundbreaking ways to meet potential job seekers on devices they are already using, like Alexa."    "Alexa has many of the qualities we look for on our teams - friendly, responsive and fun. I am looking forward to having our application process simplified with Alexa."    

HR Fun Facts 
The first employee timeclock was patented in 1891 by William Legrand Bundy.
93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate's social media profile.
Employees who have a "best friend" at work are 7 times more likely to be engaged in their job.
41% of job seekers search for jobs from their beds. (And 18% do so from the restroom...)
In 2000, 22% of resumes were submitted via email or posted online.   By 2016 that number had increased to over 90%.
Interviewees wearing blue are more likely to be hired.
Resumes that include photos have an 88% rejection rate.

The average time recruiters spend looking at a resume is 5-7 seconds.
76% or resumes are discarded due to unprofessional email addresses.  
61% of recruiters will dismiss a resume if it contains typos.  

Although the average interview is 40 minutes in length, 33% of 2,000 hiring managers surveyed said that they know within the first 90 seconds if they'll hire the candidate they are interviewing. 70% reported rejecting applicants because they were too fashionable or trendy. 67% indicated failure to make eye contact. 47% rejected applicants because they had little or no knowledge of the company. 33% rejected applicants for bad posture.
Slow Cooker Sweet Fire Chicken
Main ingredients
3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 can pineapple chunks, drained
2 t minced garlic
1-2 t crushed red pepper flakes
1/3 C sugar
1 C juice from canned pineapple  
2 T sweet red chili sauce
1/2 t salt

4 T cold water
3 T corn starch
Drain liquid from pineapple chunks into a measuring cup and add water, if necessary, to make a total of 1 cup.  To a greased slow cooker add chicken, chopped red peppers, and pineapple chunks.  In a medium bowl whisk together sauce ingredients except for the 4 tablespoons cold water and 3 tablespoons corn starch.  Pour sauce into the slow cooker and mix to thoroughly coat chicken.  Cover and cook on high 2-3 hours or on low 4-5 hours.  About 30 minutes before serving, take the lid off of the slow cooker.  In a small bowl whisk together the remaining cold water and corn starch.  Set the slow cooker to high (if it isn't already) and pour the corn starch slurry into the pot and stir to combine.  Cover and cook another 30 minutes or until ready to serve.  Stir again before serving. Serve with steamed rice.


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