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December  2018 
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SSA to resume Mismatch Letters  

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced that it will restart its mismatch letter notification program in 2019.  

The purpose of the "mismatch" letters is to notify employers that the social security number and name reported by an employee does not match SSA records.
Mismatches can be caused by typographical errors, unreported name changes, incomplete records, or SSN misuse. An employer who receives a mismatch letter must act promptly to resolve the discrepancy.
These notification should not be viewed as an assumption of SSN falsification or other misconduct, and employers should not take any adverse employment action (including suspension or layoff, termination, or formal discipline) against any employee based solely upon the notice of a mismatch. The employee must be given time to address and resolve the mismatch.
Temptation Trivia
Below are pictures of 5 props that each had a memorable role in a classic holiday movie.

Name the movie that each prop is from.


If you know the answers, call or email your local branch office by noon this Friday. 

One winner in each branch will be chosen at random from those that answered correctly, and that person will get treats delivered. 
Last issue answer: The internet company that marketed "free hours" of internet access by giving away CDs was America Online, or AOL.   

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Fun Facts  
Benshot, a Wisconsin company that produces novelty glassware embedded with a bullet (as if it had been shot) is giving every employee a handgun as a Christmas present this year.  
At least two employees initially declined the gift but are considering accepting it after taking a gun-safety course that company executives require before giving the guns.


Celebrating 45 Years of Staffing Excellence!

Limiting Liability for Company Parties
Holiday parties are a great way to show appreciation to your hard-working employees, but they can also land a company in 
hot water if those employees overdo
it  at the party.
Here are a few ways to keep your employees (and your company) out of trouble at this year's party.
1. Put a Cork in it An open bar is a great way to show your employees how much you've appreciated their hard work throughout the year, but it's also a recipe for trouble.  Consider passing out a set number of "drink tickets" to each attendee.  
2. Give 'em a Lyft - Offer to pay for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft for employees that feel like they've had too much to drink. On a tighter budget? Ask for a volunteer from your staff (preferably with a van or 7/8-passenger vehicle) to be the designated driver for the company party. Even if you have to give them a little "bonus" it will still be less expensive than several taxi or Uber/Lyft rides.
3. BYOB (bring your own breathalyzer) - Many people who get arrested for driving under the influence state th at they thought that they were OK to drive.  Consider purchasing a low-cost breathalyzer to test employees at the end of the night (with their permission, of course).  Anyone over the legal limit at the end of the night has to accept a ride home.  
4. Know when to say when - Close the bar (or at least stop serving alcohol) an hour or so before the scheduled end of the party to give people a chance to sober up before it's time to head home. This is a great time to play games, open gifts, present a slideshow of pictures from the past year, or do other festive activities.  
5. Change the focus - Too often the main "activity" at holiday parties is drinking. Focus more on the games, food, prizes/gifts, sharing funny work stories, or other activities mentioned above.
Thoughts of the Season...     
As another year draws to a close, we'd like to take a moment to recognize and reflect on how truly fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to provide our services to so many wonderful client companies in 2018.  

Thank you to everyone that we had the pleasure of working with over the past year.  Some of you for the first time, and some of you for the past several decades.  

We look forward to continuing these relationships into 2019 and beyond, and to the prospect of the new relationships and new opportunities that the coming year will bring.  

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays from all of us at Flex-Staff.
One Minute Ideas
When attending a business reception, do you migrate toward people you know or those you do not know?  Here are five tips for mixing and mingling in style:

1. Rather than migrating toward people you know, introduce yourself to new individuals. 
2. Approach single individuals, or groups of three, since two people may be in a private conversation.
3. Ask questions rather than telling people about yourself.  Individuals will see you as interesting when you are sincerely interested in them.
4. As you prepare to disengage from a group, extend your hand and echo something that you heard during the conversation. Example: "Joe, it was nice talking with you.  Have a safe trip to Chicago tomorrow."
5. Follow-up. Send an e-note to people with whom you talked for at least 15-minutes.  This gesture will demonstrate your interest in having met.

Ann Marie Sabath - At Ease, Inc.
4 Ingredient Coconut Cream Bars
24oz shredded coconut (divided)
2 cups powdered sugar
14oz sweetened condensed milk
24oz dipping chocolate (melted)
Whole toasted almonds (optional)
Step 1 - In a large bowl stir together 20oz coconut, condensed milk, and powdered sugar. Press mixture into a greased, 9 x 13 pan, and freeze until firm enough to cut (about 1 hour). 
Step 2 - Slice into small squares, and dip into melted chocolate. Set dipped bars onto wax paper and sprinkle immediately with remaining 4oz of coconut. Store in a sealed container.  
Here's a few tips to make this as easy as possible:
If using almonds, once the ingredients have been combined and spread in the pan, press the almonds into the mixture approximately 1 inch apart.  

After the coconut mixture has been frozen, cut it into bite-sized pieces (with one almond in each piece, if using almonds.) Then put them back in the freezer.  

Once your chocolate is melted, take out one row of bars at a time, and leave the rest in the freezer until you're ready to dip them. If they get too warm they will fall apart in the hot chocolate.


Inspirational Quote
 As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December's bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives that are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same. - Donald Westlake