New Condo Profile Sheet, Contingent Offers, ShowingTime, & Addresses 

We know the Spring market has been busy, and we want to help you save time and energy with some Flex Tip reminders.  

Still running into confusion with ShowingTime?
  • ShowingTime FAQs and Quick Start Guide.
  • ShowingTime is only available under member logins.
    • This means, office logins will not see the ShowingTime icon. 
  • Need additional guidance? ShowingTime support can be contacted at 1-800-379-0057 and email is
Correct Address Formatting: 
Help us with data integrity and avoid address sanctions with these tips on how to properly format your listings.
Accepted Offers: 
Please update listings appropriately when you have an accepted offer.  You have an obligation to update all accepted offers within forty-eight (48) hours as either Active with Offer or Pending.
  • If you would like to exclude active with offer listings (aka contingent) from your search, click here for a quick reference guide on how to do so. 
Updated Condo Profile Sheet: 
Based on the results from the Building a Better MLS Survey, Metro MLS will be updating the remaining Condo changes in FlexMLS to better align with current industry trends and best business practices (Yes, this includes a more robust pet section!).
In the meantime, please give the support line a call if you have questions or need assistance in creating specific searches for your customers.

Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450.
Or e-mail You may also follow our updates at