FlexMLS Reminders

Subscription Schedules ASAP vs. Continuous: What's the difference?

  • Weekly sends an e-mail once a day on the days you have selected. This email is sent between the hours of 11pm - 3 am.
  • Monthly sends an email once a month on the date you select from the drop-down menu. This email is sent between the hours of 11pm - 3 am.
  • ASAP sends an e-mail within 15 minutes of a listing matching your Contact's search. This email is sent whenever there are matches. Keep in mind - if the criteria is too general, your Contact may get more emails than expected.
  • Continuous sends an e-mail up to four times a day. These emails are sent once in the morning (approximately between 8am - 10 am), once in the afternoon (approximately between 1pm - 3pm), once in the evening (approximately between 5pm - 7pm), and once overnight (approximately between 11pm - 3 am).
The difference between ASAP and Continuous is, ASAP queues up and sends whenever there is a match to the search criteria; this is the fastest schedule. Continuous is four scheduled sends each day.

Password not working for FlexMLS or Online Bill Pay?

In the vast majority of cases, clearing the temporary internet files from your browser will resolve this issue. This link lists the browsers we support (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari) with steps on how to clear these files from them.

Municipality and Printing Issue in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Browsers

This is a reminder that both of the Microsoft browsers are still experiencing issues of not being able to select municipalities in Full Search and the sporadic issues when printing photos, due to a security update implemented by Microsoft. For more details, please review this previously sent Flex Tip

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