FlexMLS Feature Updates

Today,  the Address Search screen has been updated; the screen has been refreshed with a new layout format. 

On September 12 , you will be able to see the date when searches, subscriptions, and listing collections were created and updated. This will help you keep track of not only how old they are, but it also allows you to see when you last modified them, providing valuable insight into each search, subscription, and collection you create.

Contact Management screen

When viewing a Contact's Searches/Subscriptions link, select a search and the Date Created and Date Updated will display at the bottom of the Search Parameters. If the search is used for a subscription, the Subscriptions information will show when it was created and updated. 

Listing Collections screen

On the Listing Collections screen, select a collection and the Date Created and Date Updated are available under the Description.  

Saved Searches screen

On the Saved Search screen, select a search and the Date Created and Date Updated for the search will display at the top of the Description.

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