FlexMLS Pro for iOS: Customize Your Font Size

Scheduled for installation on May 3rd, the newest version of FlexMLS Pro for iOS will be optimized to work with the larger screen of the iPhone X and include support for Dynamic Type for all iPhones running iOS 10 or later, ensuring that you can make the text readable regardless of which version of the iPhone you are using. Better yet, this update will fill the entire screen of the iPhone X allowing iPhone X users to see more content on the screen.

To use Dynamic Type, go to your phone's Settings and select General. Then choose the Accessibility option, and select Larger Text. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to increase the font size in for your apps. 

Note: You do not need an iPhone X to take advantage of the larger font size. This update supports the feature on all iPhones running iOS 10 or later. Also note that only the first level of larger font is supported; you do not need to turn on Larger Accessibility Sizes. 

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