January 2018
No matter your "Why" - We've got your "What"
Creating Flexibility in the Bioskills Lab

Not unlike the insurance company who claims they know a thing or two 'cause they've seen a thing or two, we have also seen enough to know that being successful is a dynamic balance of preparedness and flexibility.
Even the best planned lab can have unforeseen things happen:
  • An extra surgeon or station is added
  • An important piece of equipment breaks down
  • You see you're almost out of PPE
  • Support staff are unavailable
Sometimes it's not the unforeseen things that create need. Sometimes not having everything in stock is exactly your plan because of:
  • A lack of storage space
  • Prohibitive cost of equipment
  • An infrequent need of specific instruments
  • Fluctuations in staff needs
Flexibility means having partners to step in and make your plan work. At MEDSource, we know the kinds of things you need - whether it's the ordinary or the extraordinary. Our business model was formed to help your business model stay flexible. And whether you need it always, sometimes, or almost never, we are ALWAYS here for you. 
Contact us for information or a quote for whatever you need. If you wonder whether we have it, check our website or send us an email. Yes, we even take phone calls at 888-747-1190!
Tools of the Trade 
What's new at MEDSource? 

Orthognathic Set

This 27-instrument Orthognathic Set for corrective jaw surgery includes basic instrumentation for a variety of procedures, as well as the specialty instrumentation that is difficult to find.  
Some of the specialty instruments include:
  • Rowe Disimpaction Forceps
  • Smith Sagittal Split (Inferior Border) Separators
  • Smith Ramus Separator
  • Sigmoid Notch/J-Hook Retractors
We also have additional Dental and Craniomaxillofacial instrumentation available. Contact us for a quote or with questions. We're here to help!
What - you have that, too? Yes, we do!

In case you forgot, or in case you didn't know, we have these things, and much more, to help make your lab successful!


Lead Aprons & Racks

Station Kits
Headlight specifications:
  • 150 watt xenon light
  • "daylight" quality light
  • variable intensity light
  • adjustable comfort headband
  • 20-80mm spot size
  • mobile stand mounted

Our lead aprons:
  • are color coded by size
  • include an attached thyroid shield
  • feature .5mm lead
  • have adjustable velcro straps
  • full wrap-around style also available for maximum protection 
Station Kits come prepackaged for 2 or 4 stations, including:
  • surgical table drapes
  • chux
  • surgical tape
  • scalpel blades
  • skin markers
  • rulers
  • everything else needed for your lab stations
Need a quote? Need more information? Need to know if we have something else? 
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