Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Flexing your lab design possibilities

They say in chess you need to be thinking three steps ahead of your opponent. It’s very similar in the field of lab design, only the opponent is growth and technology advances. The flexibility of a lab’s flooring can play an integral part in how the facility is able to meet future needs.

For starters, utilizing access flooring provides lab designers with multiple moves to accommodate new technology and growth. With air, water and gas utilities, as well as wire management for power and data systems, housed beneath the floor, lab designers have flexibility those without access flooring do not. That’s part of what’s made our FreeStyle BioLock very popular.

With our interlocking technology—no messy adhesives--FreeStyle BioLock tiles can be moved as the design of the lab changes. The only tiles you will need to purchase for a change in the lab design are ones that have worn out or if you need additional tiles to accommodate the new design.

To make the portability of the tiles an advantage in a lab setting, the tiles must be liquid-tight. A chemical or bio hazard spill that seeps between the seams of the floor can cause any number of problems:

  • Shorting wires
  • Mold
  • Erosion of the coating on the wires beneath the surface
  • Air quality contamination
  • Potential health risks

There are any number of other problems that can occur. That’s why the liquid-tight capability of our FreeStyle BioLock product has become the choice of labs with and without access flooring. Spills happen but remain on the surface and can be cleaned promptly.

Planning a new lab or an upgrade to your existing facility? For more information on FreeStyle BioLock product, please click on the button below or call 508-583-3200.
FreeStyle flooring demonstration
Here's a demonstration of our patented glueless “zipper” interlocking system that enables the flooring to be installed over existing flooring with minimal subfloor preparation. There’s no need for messy, toxic adhesive and down-time is significantly reduced—often times without need to close off an area.
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