Sligo Church's Weekly Newsletter | January 10th, 2019
Flight 1549 - 10 years later
Greetings! "Miracle on the Hudson!" These words have come to refer to US Airways Flight 1549 that glided into the Hudson River after losing all its engine power. January 15, 2019, will mark ten years since Flight 1549 made its unprecedented emergency landing on the icy river that served as a makeshift runway. I recently caught a flight back to Maryland from Sydney, Australia. Christina and I had the chance to sit on an exit row, which we were thrilled about since our flight was 17 hours long. The exit rows are some of the most coveted seats on the plane and people will happily spend extra for the convenience of...    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

News To Think About
2018 Accomplishments - and 2019 Dreams | North American...

"No organization can survive without dreams," says Dan Jackson, NAD president. "Our dreams can, when initiated by God and blessed by the work of His Spirit, become realities. In the NAD, we continue to focus on strategic thinking and planning."...

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Sligo Church Partners with WGTS Prayer Works!

Are you compassionate about the needs of others? Is prayer your ministry? If so, please join our Prayer Gathering Ministry as we partner with WGTS Prayer Works! to pray for our community.

Please contact Pr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges at   if you are willing and able to participate.
Join us each Wednesday evening!
Potluck is every 1st Sabbath of the Month.
Our next potluck will be held on February 2nd.
Reoccurring Giving with Adventist Giving App
In August 2018, Adventist Giving Online (AGO) announced the launch of their own mobile apps for both iPhone and Android devices. You can download the Adventist Giving App on the App Store for your iPhone or Google Play for Android.
Recurring giving is now possible by creating an account  here  or search "Sligo SDA Church" in the AGO app.
Your ongoing support is the reason our ministries can stay vibrant, relevant and successful. Look for the buttons at the bottom of this email to give your tithe and offerings.
This Sabbath:
Speaker for First and Second Services:

Pastor Charles A. Tapp
Senior Pastor
" Christ First: A Journey through the Book of Revelation, part 11; Imagine Heaven"  


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