Boeing + ForeFlight, $19 CFI/Student pricing, Webinars next week
Flight Log
March 2019
Dear fellow pilot,

Welcome to March!  You've made it through most of the winter (fingers crossed) and we can look forward to another ski season melting into flying season.

But before we get to the highlights, a personal note:  Everyone at Seattle Avionics is ecstatic that John Rutter (Seattle Avionics President and my co-founder) finally asked Cathy, his long-time girlfriend, to marry him.  Being a very smart woman, she said yes.  If you talk to John or see him at Sun 'n Fun, be sure to ask what took him so long :)

Now on to the highlights:
  • In case you've been off flying in Antarctica, Boeing purchased ForeFlight.  We have some thoughts below and on our blog about how it may affect ForeFlight users.  Spoiler alert:  Not great.
  • As flying season is just around the corner, we want to remind folks that CFIs and Student Pilots can get FlyQ EFB for just $19!
  • Related to above, we're also launching our Spring Training for Pilots by having a series of live training webinars next week.  Details below.
  • FlyQ EFB 4.0 has taken longer than expected but is looking great!  We're expecting it to be released around Sun n Fun (April).
  • Speaking of Sun 'n Fun -- we'll be there in force with several training classes, specials, and chances to meet the folks who bring you FlyQ.  Booth C-22.
  • Quick reminder that you can use FlyQ EFB with your Garmin system via an inexpensive add-on.  Read the details below.
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Boeing + ForeFlight
Wither ForeFlight?

First, we'd like to congratulate the folks at ForeFlight on their purchase by Boeing.  They're good people, they've worked hard, and they've been innovative.

But ... for some time, it seemed to me that ForeFlight was gravitating towards commercial and high-end business aviation and moving away from GA.  Now it all makes sense!  I wrote a blog entry on the Boeing + ForeFlight deal last week and I encourage you to read it and all the many comments by fellow pilots.

In a nutshell, this feels a lot like when Boeing purchased Jepp in 2000 ( read the Jepp press release; it reads  a lot like the ForeFlight press release).  That led to much less focus on GA, higher prices, and vastly reduced innovation.  Of course, the folks at Boeing and ForeFlight say that it won't affect their GA products and they may be right.  And I'm sure that they believe it.  But 25 years of business experience and having personally sold a company before creating SA tells me that things always change when there's a new sheriff in town.
CFI and Student Discount
$19 FlyQ EFB for CFIs and Students

FlyQ's core design imperative is ease of use.  That's why we're consistently the #1 rated aviation app in the App Store and the #2 most popular paid-for app behind ForeFlight.  This focus serves us especially well with student pilots so we're thrilled to offer active CFIs and their private pilot students FlyQ for just $19.

CFIs get the full VFR + IFR package for just $19.   Student pilots (private pilot) get the VFR package for the same $19.

Spring Training
Spring Training Webinar Series

It's flying season again so it's a great time for long-time FlyQ users, new FlyQ users (like refugees from ForeFlight), and prospective FlyQ users to see what's new and brush up on their FlyQ skills.  Therefore, we've scheduled a number of webinars next week at different levels.  Note that we're doing the Monday and Tuesday presentations at 4 PM Pacific and the Wednesday and Thursday ones at 6 PM Pacific.

(If you know why I picked that particular photo, email it to the folks in Sales and get 20% off a FlyQ renewal)

Also, remember that we have more than 70 training videos on our YouTube channel.


March 18
4:00 PM Pacific
Intro to FlyQ EFB Click to sign up
March 19
4:00 PM Pacific
Advanced FlyQ EFB Click to sign up
March 20
6:00 PM Pacific
Intro to FlyQ EFB
Click to sign up
March 21
6:00 PM Pacific
Advanced FlyQ EFB
Garmin GTX 345
Using FlyQ EFB + Garmin GTX 345

FlyQ EFB works with more than 20 ADS-B and MFD systems including the Stratus 3, Merlin, Stratux, Dynon SkyView, Avidyne, L-3 Lynx, and more (See the complete list.)  But we get a lot of questions about using FlyQ EFB with the Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B system. Short answer: FlyQ EFB works great with the Garmin 345, albeit a bit indirectly.  Longer answer below.

First, it's important to understand that an ADS-B Out system does not need to talk to the iPad as Out does not send weather and traffic; only ADS-B In does that and the two do not need to be linked in any way.   Also, the FAA's 2020 mandate requires just ADS-B Out; the FAA does not require any ADS-B In system so you're free to use any portable ADS-B In receiver you like or even no ADS-B In at all.

Garmin + FlyQ EFB
Click for a larger image.

ADS-B Out is basically just a transponder on steroids that sends your tailnumber and position to the ground station -- your current transponder doesn't talk to your iPad now, does it? The goodies for you, weather and traffic, are both provided by the ADS-B In system.  Hence, adding our $249 Merlin ADS-B receiver (or a Stratus 3, Stratux, Dual, iLevil, or whatever you already use with FlyQ) to a Garmin GTX 345 installation will work great to provide weather and traffic to FlyQ. In fact, adding any ADS-B Out - Garmin or otherwise - makes all ADS-B In system work beautifully because the presence of an Out tells the ground station to broadcast all traffic relevant to you. The fact that the data is received by a Stratux or some other ADS-B In rather than the In provided by the Garmin is not relevant. In other words, FlyQ EFB works well with a Garmin GTX 345 so long as you also have some other inexpensive ADS-B In receiver.

By the way, FlyQ now works with the great Stratus 3 line of systems.  That also applies to the newest ESG ADS-B In/Out systems that use the Stratus 3i receiver.  FlyQ does not work with the older Stratus 1 or 2 devices but you can easily sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

Another option for direct FlyQ EFB support is to use an installed ADS-B solutions from L-3 Lynx, FreeFlight, or more.
Aircraft Owners
FlyQ EFB 4.0 Update

Software is hard.  There, I've said it.  FlyQ EFB 4.0, with the amazing visual logbook, private social media network, and great features for CFIs and Student Pilots, has taken longer than we expected.  That said, it's looking great and the extra time has helped us refine features (esp. the 'heat map' portion of the visual log book) and improve performance.

We hope to have it in the App Store around Sun 'n Fun (early April) and will definitely be demonstrating it at the show.

Sun 'n Fun
Sun 'n Fun 'n Seattle Avionics

Sunlight is generally hard to come by in the Pacific Northwest so it's not surprising that we love going to Florida in April.  Please join us at booth C-22 (same as past years) to meet the team, ask questions, get our usual great show specials, and more.  

Be sure to mark your programs for our many live presentations during the week.  All presentations are in the air conditioned Central Florida Aviation Academy (CFAA) building a bit away from the exhibits.  Leave some time to walk there.

April 2
1:00 PM
Advanced FlyQ EFB CFAA-1
April 3
12:00 PM
What's New in FlyQ EFB 4.0 and Advanced FlyQ EFB CFAA-1
April 3
1:00 PM
Combining OnLine Flight Planning with the iPad CFAA-3
April 4
12:00 PM
Intro to FlyQ EFB and Augmented Reality
April 4
1:00 PM
What's New in FlyQ EFB 4.0 and Advanced FlyQ EFB CFAA-5
April 6
12:00 PM
Combining OnLine Flight Planning with the iPad

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