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Flight Log
Nov. 2016
Dear fellow pilot,

Is it really almost Thanksgiving already?  Must be -- we've spent the last few weeks cooking up the most amazing, don't-want-to-miss specials in our 15 year history for this Black Friday.  Fly with an iPad, Dynon, Bendix-King, Aspen, Avidyne, GRT, etc?  Hint hint.  The specials are very quantity limited so click here to sign-up for early notification right now.  Then forward this to your friends!

Quick summary of what we're up to:
  • FlyQ Pocket for Android now available!  Download now.
  • New! Create and manage private groups of documents in FlyQ - clubs, flight schools, corporate flight departments, etc.  Watch video.
  • New! Mass-import Personal Waypoints using FlyQ Online
  • ICAO flight plans coming to FlyQ
  • Hell has frozen over: Mac version of ChartData Manager in the works
  • Top-secret new product clears Milestone 1
  • Use SmartPlates to see charts and plates on your iPhone - for free!
  • Congrats to Dynon for new SkyView 15, the SkyView HDX, and a new website
  • A look into the future features of FlyQ EFB
I'm Steve Podradchik, the CEO here. I write the newsletter so email me personally if there is something you'd like me to cover next month.
Black Friday
Amazing Black Friday Specials

Superlatives are easy but coming up with the biggest Black Friday sale in 15 years was really hard.  Yet we think we nailed it!  Problem is, we have to severely limit the quantities available at these prices so our accountant doesn't think we're mad.  Wonder what the specials are?   Click here.  And be sure to forward to all your pilot friends.

FlyQ Android
FlyQ Pocket for Android Available

Due in large measure to our extremely tenacious Keith Russo, FlyQ Pocket is now back in the Google Play store.  And way better than the old version yet still absolutely free.   Download it now!
  • Tap-to-Call Weather (ASOS/AWOS/ATIS)
  • 200+ Weather Graphics (with animation)
  • Flight Plan Routing (Direct, Airways, Wind/Fuel)
  • FAA Flight Plan Filing (DUATS or Lockheed)
  • Full FAA Legal Briefing
  • Fuel Prices
  • Airport Diagrams (FAA and 4700+ Seattle Avionics Diagrams)
  • AOPA Airport Directory
Documents and Groups
New! Private Groups of Documents in FlyQ and Importing Waypoints

Our new Groups feature is an amazing help to flying clubs, flight instructors, corporate flight departments, CFIs, and student pilots.

Now you can use FlyQ Online to create your own private groups of users -- friends, collegues, student, etc.  Then you can add private documents for just your group - POH, checklists, schedules, you name it!  These private documents are instantly available to everyone in your group using FlyQ EFB on the iPad or FlyQ Online on the Web.  Sharing has never been so easy!

We also just added an Import feature to FlyQ Online so you can quickly load dozens or even hundreds of Personal Waypoints with a simple click. The Personal Waypoints are instantly available in FlyQ EFB as well as FlyQ Online.
ICAO Flight Plan
ICAO Flight Plans Coming Soon

The FAA has mandated that all flight plans must be filed in the international ICAO format by late January.  We're working on it now for all FlyQ apps and Voyager.  We expect to be ready before the end of this year.

Mac Data Manager
Mac version of the ChartData Manager?

Holy cow, Batman!  Has hell frozen over?  Did the Cubs win the World Series?  Yes!

You asked for it and we're on it.  We have a team working on making a Mac version of our ChartData Manager to download data for Aspen, Dynon, Bendix-King, GRT, AFS, and our other ChartData partners. More info later.  
¬°Ole!  Mexican Charts on the Way

Our ChartData Group is busily expanding our coverage area.  A few months ago, we added Bahamas charts to all our ChartData products.  Now the group is working on Mexican charts and plates.  There are a lot of them so it will take a bit but the team is determined to get them in soon.  Next stop - the world!

Top Secret Project
Top-Secret App Clears Hurdle

Our skunkworks project is really taking shape now.  The work was split into two Milestones.  Milestone 1 was achieved and we're making excellent progress on Milestone 2.  Flight tests should begin soon.  You won't believe what this baby does!

SmartPlates & Charts
Free Charts and Plates for your iPhone

Every pilot I've ever met likes free stuff.  Did you know that you get our SmartPlates & Charts app for the iPhone is free when you subscribe to FlyQ EFB?

SmartPlates is the super-fast, super-easy way to get the emergency backup you need!
Way to go Dynon!

Those crazy kids who work for Dynon have been burning the midnight oil.  In the past month, they've released SkyView version 15 (which includes bi-directional flight plan integration and ADS-B support for FlyQ), introduced the SkyView HDX, and even a created an all-new (and lovely!) web site.  Nice job, folks!  You're terrific partners!

FlyQ EFB Future Features

We get a lot of questions about which features we're adding to FlyQ EFB and when.  While we can't tell you everything, here are some of the things at the top of the list that you'll see soon.  And be sure to email us with your requests!
  • Flight Tracking / Data Recorder
  • Logbook
  • Animated Radar
  • Integration with more ADS-B and in-panel systems
  • Weight and Balance
  • And many more!
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