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Flight Log
Sept. 2016
Dear fellow pilot,

Hope you enjoyed your summer!  In addition to flying, I took a great trip with the kids and spent a lot of time on my bike.  But there was a LOT of work while we finished FlyQ EFB version 2.4 (click to see how to upgrade or watch the What's New video) and worked on other projects.

What's New in FlyQ 2.4

New FlyQ 2.4 adds a powerful new Documents tab, Avidyne support, and enhanced Dynon support (added ADS-B data).

We also did a lot of work on FlyQ Online, our Web-based planner, and just announced (below) very special $19 pricing for CFIs and student pilots.

And yes, FlyQ EFB is fine with iOS 10 with one small exception.

I'm Steve Podradchik, the CEO here. I write the newsletter so email me personally if there is something you'd like me to cover next month.
CFI and Student Discount
$19 FlyQ for CFI and Student Pilots

Every pilot owes a great debt to their CFI yet they're often under appreciated and always underpaid. Similarly, student pilots are the lifeblood that keeps aviation alive yet many struggle to pay for lessons, rental fees, and equipment.  Seattle Avionics wants to help so now offers both CFIs and students a year of FlyQ EFB for just $19 (usual price up to $139).

FlyQ EFB 2.4: Documents

With just a click, you now have access to more than 300 FAA and Seattle Avionics created documents, all automatically updated when new FAA docs come out!  Even add your own documents and organize them into folders.
Avidyne and Dynon
FlyQ EFB 2.4: Avidyne & Dynon

Version 2.4 adds GPS, AHRS, and flight plan support for the Avidyne IFD440/450/550.  

It also extends our Dynon support by showing ADS-B traffic and weather from SkyView on FlyQ EFB.

FlyQ Online
FlyQ Online for PC and Mac

Want to flight plan on your PC or Mac?  Just go to

Of course, FlyQ Online has exceptionally powerful flight planning and automatically syncs with FlyQ EFB and Pocket but it's much more.  

Automatic lowest-priced fuel stop planning, detailed weather (cloud tops, precip, visibility, winds aloft with an altitude slider, etc.), airport info, approach plates and airport diagrams, 4700 exclusive SA Airport Diagrams, and much more! 

> Watch the video
Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

We've added a whole new section to our Web site -- Tips and Tricks (under Support). It will be continuously updated and we've love it if you'd email us suggestions! We begin with a few common ones:
  • How to use the ChartData Manager to automatically update data sticks
  • A note about FAA plate expiration dates
  • How to automatically keep FlyQ EFB updated when new versions come out
  • Deleting Personal Waypoints
  • Adding fuel stops
  • Removing approach plates from the map.
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