FlyQ EFB 3.2.1, Slingshot, iOS 12, Mexico
Flight Log
Sept. 2018
Dear fellow pilot,

I hope you've had a great summer.  I have but, wow, have we been busy!  Major new app releases, new patent-pending wireless technologies, new ChartData coverage regions, and so much more.

Here are some of the highlights of things recently added with details for each below:
  • FlyQ EFB 3.2.1 just released.  Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements plus....
  • ADS-B tail numbers now in FlyQ EFB.  This includes our exclusive Buddy List feature that you'll love!
  • Automatic ATC routing.  IFR flight planning now automatically looks for recently cleared ATC routes and gives you choices about which to pick.
  • We LOVE CFIs and student pilots so FlyQ is just $19 for these great folks.  We've offered this for a while but it never hurts to repeat good news.
  • Slingshot.  This game-changing, patent-pending feature saves you hours of updating your in-panel avionics (either experimental or certified) because FlyQ can now transfer the plates and maps already downloaded to FlyQ to in-panel avionics.  Goodbye USB sticks and SD cards!
  • Mexico and rest of the world.   FlyQ and selected other devices now includes the official Mexican VFR charts (Sectionals) and geo-referenced airport diagrams and approach plates for Mexico and Central America.  No additional charge!  And did we mention that we supply data for more than 60 countries?
  • iOS 12.  FlyQ EFB and FlyQ InSight cleared for iOS 12.
  • FlyQ Online.  Our incredibly powerful web-based flight planner got some bug fixes recently regarding rubber-banding flight plans.  And, of course, it still has powerful features like ATC routing, Profile (terrain) view, 4D Weather (timeline based), Altitude Slider, Export to Garmin, ForeFlight, and more.
  • Keep up with our Blog for news, new data reminders, updates, specials, etc.
  • Our Facebook page has been substantially updated.  Take a look at Like us!
I'm Steve Podradchik, the CEO here. I write the newsletter so email me personally if there is something you'd like me to cover next month.  And use the "Follow" feature on our Blog to keep up with daily news, product info, and more.
What's New in FlyQ EFB 3.2.1
New FlyQ EFB 3.2.1

FlyQ EFB v 3.2.1 just hit the App Store.  

This release adds one major new feature (the ADS-B target features shown in the next section) but is mostly focused on refinements: dozens of bug fixes and stability improvements.  Some of these include a fix for fuzzy maps, major improvements to the data downloading feature, fixes for memory leaks (esp. with ADS-B traffic), and many more.  All told, these fixes alone make it an extremely good new release.

To update, open the App Store on your iPad or iPhone and look in the Updates tab for FlyQ EFB. Tap Update.

ADS-B Targets
ADS-B Tail Numbers, Buddy List, and More

Folks have always loved our ADS-B traffic display but many asked for ways to show more info - tail numbers and details when tapped.  We've added those in 3.2.1 but have also added two pretty incredible twists to ADS-B:

1.   Buddy List.  The most common reason we hear for tail numbers is to help people ident their friends when flying together.  This got us thinking so we added a unique "Buddy list" in ADS-B settings where you can enter the N-numbers of all your friends (who have ADS-B Out anyway).  FlyQ will highlight these targets in blue so they're easy to spot.  And, if you choose to hide tail numbers to reduce clutter, we still show the tail numbers for these planes!

2.   Visual Target Details.  This is really cool ;)  As you may have noticed, the screen can be filled with scores of traffic targets when near an airport, making it very hard to see what's what.  With FlyQ EFB 3.2.1, tap the general area and we pop up a list of targets near the tap and use a completely novel approach to letting you see which targets are threats, which are nearest to you, and the details for each.  Frankly a picture is worth 1,000 words and video is worth a million so watch the video to see what I mean.

> Watch the ADS-B video
ATC Routing
Automatic ATC Routing with Fuel Stops and Wind Optimization

IFR and VFR flight planning are very different.  Now both FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Online automatically query Leidos when planning IFR flights to look for those routes that ATC has recently cleared.  It's a very slick system that graphically shows you the different routes and even lets you pick a route but modify it for wind optimization and/or add fuel stops.

> Watch the ATC routing video
Slingshot Wireless ChartData System

In-panel avionics are great but updating their data every month via USB sticks and SD cards isn't a lot of fun and takes serious time.  Since Seattle Avionics provides our ChartData to 20+ apps and devices (BendixKing, Dynon, AFS, GRT, and many more), we invented a system called Slingshot that takes the data you have on FlyQ EFB and automagically wirelessly transfers it to experimental and certified in-panel systems, completely removing the monthly USB stick shuffle.  This currently includes the BendixKing xVue Touch and AeroVue Touch and more vendors are integrating it now.  Patent-pending.

> Watch the Slingshot video
Worldwide Coverage
Mexico, South America, Middle East

Seattle Avionics provides data for more than 60 countries worldwide.  In the last month alone, we added Brazil, Venezuela, Israel, and United Arab Emirates.  At the same time, we also added the official Mexican VFR charts (Sectionals) to FlyQ EFB and most of our partner apps and devices. That's on top of the geo-referenced Mexican and Central American airport diagrams and plates we added a few months ago and the Caribbean plates we added last year.

> Read more about the Mexican charts
FlyQ Online
New FlyQ Online for PC and Mac

We just fixed a bug in rubber-banding flight plans that was caused by a new Google Maps release.

But if you're not familiar with FlyQ Online, you should be!  It's an amazing yet free web-based app for your PC or Mac.  It brings weather analysis to a whole new level with our exclusive "4D" weather that adds a timeline and an altitude slider so you can see how weather is expected to changer over time and at different altitudes.

FlyQ Online automatically optimizes your flights for winds aloft and finds you the least expensive fuel along the way and uses recently cleared ATC routes to plan your IFR flights.

Automatically syncs with FlyQ EFB and exports to Garmin panels, ForeFlight, Dynon/AFS, and Google Earth.

iOS 12
iOS 12: Wheels Up!

Sometimes a new iOS release seems to throw a monkey wrench into everything, other times it just works.  Thankfully, iOS 12 is the latter so FlyQ EFB and FlyQ InSight are both cleared for iOS 12.
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