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August 18, 2022
Understanding the U.S. Flight Training Aircraft Fleet
A key factor in training pilots remains the utilization of the resource of aircraft. A question remains of exactly how many aircraft are out there that are currently being used, or are potentially able to be utilized in flight training activities.

FSANA has been studying the GA flight training fleet in the United States. While there is no exact science to calculating the GA training fleet, FSANA estimates that there are 10,000 single and light twin aircraft utilized in day to day training operations.

These estimates include independent flight schools, college based aviation schools and the Flying Club community.

By some estimates, there are approximately 1,600 flight schools throughout our national airspace system. If we estimated an average of approximately 6 aircraft per school (some are much larger and many are smaller).

1,600 x 6 aircraft yields an estimated 9,600 aircraft in the GA flight training fleet.

FSANA estimates that the average number of monthly hours flown per aircraft is 70 hours.
Based on the above information, FSANA estimates that there is an estimated 8,064,000
flight training hours flown each year.
FSANA Members Only Message Boards to Debut
FSANA is pleased to announce that members will soon be able to begin to use a selection of "Message Boards" to help collaborate and share information and raise questions related to the flight training business.

The message boards will include the following categories.

Business Operations
Human Resources

FSANA members will be hearing more about the "Message Boards" over the next few weeks.
FSANA 2022 Practical Test Pricing and Availability Survey Underway
In January 2018 and 2020, the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) conducted surveys on pricing for FAA practical tests around the country. Since then, there have been some changes in the FAA practical testing process, and FSANA is repeating the survey to see what, if any, impacts those changes have had on pricing of practical tests.
FSANA's 2020 survey of FAA practical test pricing and availability includes the exact same questions as before, so we can compare the results with 2018 and 2020 surveys. So, if you remember doing this two and/or four years ago, please do it again!
We ask that all flight training providers, instructors, and students complete this survey and relate recent experience with respect to the pricing of tests. When you complete the survey, please answer with pricing you are aware of or have personally experienced within the past two years.
Your help, as someone in this industry, is very much appreciated as FSANA works to track trends in the provision of and costs of practical tests.
2nd Annual DPE Symposium Set for Phoenix, Arizona, October 11-12, 2022
FSANA is working on finalizing agenda content for the upcoming second annual DPE symposium on October 11 and 12, 2022. This year, heading west to Phoenix, Arizona.
We look forward to again bringing the industry and DPEs together to continue working to best provide practical tests in a timely and consistent manner.

In the meantime, hotel reservations have now been opened with special reservation rates.

A special booking rate will be available until October 1, 2022.

A synopsis of the event schedule is listed below. Registration will open next week. More detailed information on the session topics and presenters will be available in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

9:00am Registration Opens

10:00am Plans of Action Workshop – Details, Development, Content,
Management - Session for any DPEs wanting to share and work with their plans of
action content.

10:00am How to Become a DPE - Session for anyone interested in becoming a DPE that precedes the main symposium content.

1:00pm - 5pm Symposium sessions

5:30pm Dinner

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

8:00am Registration Opens

9:00am Opening Remarks

9:30am - 5pm Symposium Sessions

5:00pm    Closing Remarks & Adjournment

Start making your reservations and plans now to join this unique and industry-leading symposium for DPEs and flight training providers engaged with the practical testing process in the United States
US Department of Justice Announces Settlement on False Claims Act Allegations
Finalizing a case that began years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice has just announced a $7.5 Million payment settlement by Dodge City Community College to settle false claims act allegations related to post 9/111 GI Bill funding for helicopter training.

Relating to the funding of pilot training for ex-military service members, the suit was brought to address allegations of false billings, misuse of funds in training operations, and other concerns.

The case according to a recent release is a demonstration of, "the VA Office of Inspector General's (OIG) commitment to pursue schools who target veterans' education benefits aggressively" in an effort to ensure that protect the integrity of veterans' benefits with the schools who provide training utilizing VA benefits.

FSANA encourages best practices and sound business operations in flight training operations. It is critically important to the industry that all of us work together to make sure instances such as this do not go without address. Bad actors make the rest of the training industry look bad and lose the trust of customers. We know FSANA members are dedicated to providing quality training with fair and honest pricing. This settlement is an example of what happens to those entities that do not do the same.

More information about this announcement and the suit can be found at:
TSA Provides Updated Information on
Tracking of Foreign Student Activity
The flight training community in the United States has historically been an active provider of flight training services to pilot candidates throughout the globe. Students who are non-U.S. citizens travel to the United States and patronize the providers of flight training services, in most cases, to then return back to their home country and continue their training or enter service in professional pilotage careers. This base of students has long been a critical part of the business models of many training providers and students with whom many CFIs fly to gain the requisite experience to become qualified to fly in U.S. airline operations.

This has not changed.

FSANA has been receiving data from TSA contacts over the past couple of years that help us understand just how many of these training events are taking place as a way to measure how much of the training activity in the United States is based on non-U.S. citizens as customers.

We last updated this data in February 2022, at our latest conference, and have just received a mid-year update to share with our readers.

Many assumed that with travel restrictions during COVID over the past couple of years that the number of non-U.S. students would have decreased significantly,b ut from the data that has been shared with us, any reductions that were experienced were short-lived and have been followed by returns to pre-COVID levels quickly and in some cases increases.

A year-to-date quick calculation when considering 2021 to 2022 shows us a little over 3000 more training requests have been completed through August this year versus last year at the same time.

FSANA greatly appreciates the TSA staff sharing this data with us as it helps all of us in the aviation training industry understand how the market of training for non-U.S. citizens continues to be a large part of our industry.

The chart below shows a longer period of time trend that includes the dropoff during the peak of COVID restrictions and a continued climbing path of training requests since the lo point.
Wings Industry Network Launches New EZWings Site to Make Wings Credit Easier
The Wings Industry Network has released a new application that makes it easier to issue, request, and administrate FAA Wings Credit in the FAA Safety Program.
CFIs, DPEs, and students can access this site at https://www.ezwings.net. You create an icon on your Home Screen in iOS or bookmark it as desired.

Here’s a list of E-Z WINGS highlights;
- Student Activities - NEW - first time ever and very exciting!
- Every Category and Class included
- All Initial / Add-on Certifications Included
- Organizational Activities Option - checkout the CAP activities
- Request Credit Option
- Validate Requested Credit Option
- Give Credit Option
- 99% of activities are for a phase of WINGS
- Total of 198 options
- Simple, intuitive, quick access
Coming in future versions;
- APIs to faasafety.gov for better user experience
- Endorsements: high-performance, tail-wheel, complex, high-altitude, winch-tow, etc.
- Type ratings
- In-person seminar credits - no email address to collect and enter
- And more!
FSANA 2023 Conference and Trade Show Sponsor/Exhibitor Opportunities Open
FSANA has opened registration for flight training supply chain providers to participate in the 2023 FSANA Conference and Trade Show scheduled for Orlando, Florida, March 1-3, 2023.

The supply chain plays a key part in the flight training process and attendees gain valuable insights and knowledge transfer from the many suppliers that exhibit and join panels. to learn and discuss the latest in the world of flight training.

View sponsor/exhibitor opportunities here.
Announcing FSANA 2023 Conference and Trade Show Orlando, March 1-3
Plan now for the 14th Annual International Flight School Operators Conference. The 2023 conference is returning to the Rosen Plaza in Orlando, Florida, on March 1-3, 2023.

Our conference program committee has been at work on the program and content that we will be sharing in the very near future. We are making sure that the content is timely to what concerns are happening in the flight training industry right now and things that will have a significant effect on your business operations and the training students will receive in the upcoming years.

More information is forthcoming, but for now, mark your calendar to join FSANA and a wide variety of industry partners and fellow flight training providers for the event that each year brings these groups together.
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DPEs Available to Travel
FSANA has been collecting DPE names who have expressed a willingness to travel to help flight training providers secure practical tests.

An up-to-date List of Travel-Willing DPEs with contact information is available on the FSANA website. If you are a flight training provider who is finding a challenge of scheduling DPEs in your local area, feel free to reach out to these individuals. They may be able to serve some of your local testing needs.

While this effort is being made in general, it is even more relevant as many DPEs self-selected to delay a return to providing practical tests during this period of COVID-19 uncertainties.

If you are a DPE who is not on this list but would like to be, please let FSANA know by emailing us at info@fsana.com with your name, city, state, email and phone number and we will add you.
Have feedback concerns about FAA practical tests? Email inquiries here
Practical Test Feedback
Email Feedback Concerns about FAA Practical Tests to:

Tell us what is important to you as a school owner, manager or chief flight instructor. We will share comments in an upcoming edition of Flight Training News. Send your thoughts to info@fsana.com.
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