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January 16, 2020
Flight School Conference One Month Away
The 2020 FSANA Annual Conference in Las Vegas February 19-21, 2020, is almost here. You still have time to save $100. The Special conference attendee registration rate ends January 24.

The conference is shaping up to be the best that FSANA has delivered with excellent content and a diverse offering of sessions for attendees. Many schools are sending two or more people to the event.
Attendee Brochure and Registration

Want to learn more or register? Check out the   2020 Conference Attendee Brochure.

Room Booking

To book your room at Bally's online click here. Guests who prefer to phone in their reservations can call the hotel Reservation Center at 800-358-8777. The name of our group is listed as  Flight School Conference. Callers may also use the group code to identify the group,  SBAFS0.

Room reservations can be made at our group rate until Monday, January 20. After that time, the group rate will be offered based on hotel availability.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Opportunities

Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at this conference? FSANA welcomes participants who are interested in engaging with top flight training providers. To learn more download the   2020 Conference Exhibitor/Sponsor brochure.
FSANA Seeking Information about Practical Test Pricing – Updating for 2020 and Comparing with Data from 2 Years Ago
In January 2018, the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) conducted a survey on pricing for FAA practical tests around the country. Since then, there have been some changes in the FAA practical testing process, and FSANA is repeating the survey to see what, if any, impacts those changes have had on pricing of practical tests.

FSANA's 2020 survey of FAA practical test pricing includes the exact same questions as before, so we can compare the results with 2018's survey. So, if you remember doing this two years ago, please do it again!

We ask that all flight training providers, instructors, and students complete this survey and relate recent experience with respect to the pricing of tests. When you complete the survey, please answer with pricing you are aware of or have personally experienced within the past two years.

Your help, as someone in this industry, is very much appreciated as FSANA works to track trends in the provision of and costs of practical tests.

Know What Your Renters Are Doing with YOUR Aircraft
by Jason Blair

If a pilot came into your operation and wanted to rent an aircraft so they could charge passengers to fly them around, on-demand, you and/or your staff would hopefully tell them “no”. Allowing the use of your aircraft for charter will most likely run afoul of commercial carriage regulations unless the aircraft operator has a charter operator certificate in place.

Unfortunately, renters do not always tell you how they will be using your aircraft.
In a recent development, a company was encouraging pilots, most specifically, commercial or greater certificate level holders, to secure aircraft from rental providers to provide transportation for customers to fly them from location to location. Without getting too far into the weeds, the company was providing a “matching service” of would-be passengers to would-be pilots, for a fee, and charging for the transportation. This was being done in many cases without FAA Part 135 or other similar operational approvals.

Does this sound questionable? Yes and the FAA agreed.

In a December 2019 AINonline article, “FAA Warns BlackBird, Pilots of Possible Rule Violations" ( https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/general-aviation/2019-12-20/faa-warns-blackbird-pilots-possible-rule-violations), it is highlighted that this operation is under investigation, and so may be the pilots who operated these flights.

Well ahead of this announcement, in conversations about this specific operation with insurance industry representatives, they were presented with the conditions of the operation. They noted unequivocally that an instruction/rental insurance policy for a flight training and aircraft rental operation would NOT cover this type of operation.

This highlights another reason why operators need to know exactly how their aircraft are being utilized. It also highlights the importance of strong rental and use contracts for your customers. Ensure that they are current, valid, and detail exactly what is allowed to be done with the aircraft your customers’ rent. This offers some additional protection for an operation that has customers stray from approved operations legally.

Take the time to know what your customers are doing with your aircraft. It is unlikely that the FAA would hold an aircraft rental operator liable for certificate violations committed by a customer. On the other hand, if your aircraft are used in unapproved operations, it is fair to expect that additional scrutiny and oversight will be conducted on your aircraft and operation.

If it seems like it may be questionable, get more information. If you have a concern, terminate the customer relationship.
AOPA Article Highlights Request by FAA for Feedback on FAA Knowledge Test Content
In a January 9, 2020 article, AOPA highlights that:

“The online survey, which is confidential and should take about 25 minutes to complete, is part of a review the FAA asked its testing contractor, PSI, to conduct to ensure the exams “reflect current practices,” the company said.”

SEVIS Verification Period Closes March 2
The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) annual verification period started December 3, 2019, and closes March 2, 2020. Each year, principal designated school officials (PDSO), DSOs, responsible officers (RO), and alternate responsible officers (ARO) must verify that they are still employed by their organization; continue to be the selected PDSO, DSO, RO or ARO; and require continued access to SEVIS.

Failure to verify by March 2, will result in all unverified DSOs losing access to SEVIS on March 3. Visit the PDSO/DSO Annual Verification User Guide for step-by-step instructions to complete the annual verification.
Helicopter Association International Names New President and CEO
The board of directors of Helicopter Association International (HAI) has announced the appointment of James A. Viola as the organization’s next president and CEO effective January 16. Viola replaces Matthew S. Zuccaro, who announced his retirement last fall.

Viola most recently served as director of General Aviation (GA) Safety Assurance for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In this role, he oversaw 78 Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs) and 2,500 employees across the United States and was responsible for maintaining consistency and standardization in the application of safety oversight activities for the GA community. Additionally, he ensured stakeholder and public needs were met quickly and efficiently and was responsible for starting the US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST), serving as the initial government co-chair.

“When Matt announced his retirement, the board knew that replacing him would be no easy task. We had to find a dynamic, innovative CEO who has both vision and passion,” says Jan Becker, HAI’s board chair. “We sought someone able to take up the challenge of leading HAI forward to meet the needs of a globally changing industry. With Jim, we found that leader, as well as one who understands and supports HAI’s safety values. 

Viola’s three-to-five year vision for HAI encompasses a strategic plan for member service initiatives. It also acknowledges the ongoing dynamic changes throughout vertical-lift aviation, including unmanned aircraft systems, and the contributions of industry manufacturers and suppliers.

FSANA looks forward to a continuing relationship with HAI and Jim.

To read more click here.
Helicopter Institute Orders FRASCA Simulator
The Helicopter Institute, Fort Worth, Texas, has placed an order for a Frasca Bell 407 Helicopter Training Device (HTD). The HTD is an FAA qualified AATD and features Garmin G500H display, Simulated HeliSAS, Garmin GTN650 GPS, Frasca's TruVision™ visual system with three channel HDTV visual display system and a Newport, OR Helicopter mission training visual database. The institute offers part 135 training and checking.

"Frasca sets the standard in helicopter flight simulation products" stated Randy Rowles, president of Helicopter Institute. "The craftsmanship, accuracy, and cost-benefit of the Frasca Helicopter Training Device when weighed against other AATDs is unmatched. The addition of the Bell 407 HTD AATD along with our four existing flight training devices provides a flight simulation solution for our entire helicopter fleet and enhances our training product" stated Rowles.  

About The Helicopter Institute  
The Helicopter Institute, Fort Worth, Texas, is a provider of factory equivalent and advanced pilot training that is insurance industry accepted for many Bell and Airbus helicopters. Additionally, Helicopter Institute offers ab-initio pilot training for the FAA Private Pilot to ATP and Flight Instructor certificates and ratings. www.helicopterinstitute.com

About FRASCA International
Frasca International, Urbana, Illinois, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of flight simulators, flight training devices and simulation components. Since its founding in 1958, over 3000 Frasca simulators have been delivered worldwide. Frasca is ISO: 9001:2015 certified. www.frasca.com
Aero News Network Launches 2020 Airborne Special Programming Initiative
The Aero-News Network’s Airborne Daily News Video programming slate is about to expand... dramatically. Already in its second decade of serving the expanding interests of both the aviation and aerospace communities, Airborne’s ‘Aero-Verse’ approach will commit itself to 5 new special interest weeklies in 2020.

The first new special interest Airborne news program will dedicate itself to the growing, as well as turbulent, world of flight training. The new program will cover the vast interests of the industry… from subjects of exceptional interest to new and continuing flight students, to the business of flight training itself… not to mention the constant issues brought forth by the implementation and changes to the currently regulatory environment by National aviation agencies like the USA’s FAA and Canada’s Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA).

Texas Aircraft Manufacturing Celebrates First Delivery of Colt SL S-LSA
“I cannot express how happy and proud I am of our entire team. Just a year ago, the Colt S-LSA was still in development, and we had just opened the doors at our facility here in Hondo, Texas,” Texas Aircraft Manufacturing’s co-founder, Matheus Grande said. “To be here today and to deliver our first Texas-built Colt is truly a blessing.”

“Texas Aircraft is raising the bar on quality, safety, and service,” Richard Youschak, Sr., said. “Their professional staff made the experience of buying our airplane fun from the design phase through delivery, and their exceptional service didn’t end there. I’m extremely happy with our Colt and Texas Aircraft.”

“I can’t tell you how happy everyone at Texas Aircraft is about being able to help Ricky and his family achieve their dream of aircraft ownership. Giving people the gift of affordable, reliable, and safe aircraft operation was the reason we developed the Colt S-LSA in the first place,” Grande said. “We are extremely grateful to the entire Youschak family for putting their faith and trust in Texas Aircraft.”

About Texas Aircraft Manufacturing
Founded in 2017 and based at South Texas Regional Airport in Hondo, Texas, the team behind Texas Aircraft Manufacturing is solely committed to using modern technologies and materials to design and produce new-generation private aircraft that help pilots achieve aircraft ownership. The company is the designer and producer of the new Colt Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA). Texas Aircraft Manufacturing takes great pride in the fact that a growing number of its skilled assembly technicians are ex-U.S. military aircraft maintainers. 
Have feedback concerns about FAA practical tests? Email inquiries here
University Air Center Flight School, Gainesville Florida   Looking for Certified Flight Instructors-Instrument for a full time busy flight school. We fly Piper Warrior, Cessna 172 (G1000), Cessna 182 (Garmin glass), Cessna 210 and Piper Aztec. We have the option of time as flight instructor then move into the Caravan for Part 91 operations then to our Charter department flying Citation Jets. Come join the UAC team! Email resume to PamL@universityaircenter.com .
Flight Instructor Sought   Wanted CFI for 141 flight school, added ratings a plus, but not required. When not instructing, right seat on Navajo available for qualified applicant. Respond to Moyer Aviation, Pocono Mountains, Pa. 800-321-5890 or vern@moyeraviation.com .
Charter Captain Wanted   Wanted Captain for 135 charter operation in Northeast. Flying Navajos & Seneca Minimum 1500 TT, 200 MEL. Respond to Moyer Aviation, Pocono Mountains, Pa. 800-321-5890 or vern@moyeraviation.com .
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