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Spring at Presbyterian Night Shelter

Working on the Head and the Heart

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Spring at Presbyterian Night Shelter  Spring
Spring at Presbyterian Night Shelter was showered with so much love and support to our guests and our facility. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and organizations who made our spring BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. 
YOU are helping our guests out of the cycle of homelessness and into their forever home, thank you. 

At True Worth Place, our staff is actively trying to find a way to serve our guests in a myriad of ways. Homelessness is a complex issue and we know that without treating the head and the heart, we aren't assisting our guests in getting out of the cycle of homelessness and into their forever home. 

Our men's softball team is a great example of how we can assist in the heart of our guests. Weekly, with the help of a group of volunteers, our guests have been practicing and preparing for their first game against a church league. "After one of the practices, I had a guest come up to me and share how relaxing and fun this practice has been in his daily life," said Susan DeLong, Education Coordinator with True Worth Place. "He shared with me that this has helped him in being able to relax, have fun and feel like everyone else, not a homeless man."   

True Worth Place is also striving to work on the 'head' of our homeless guests and provide them with proactive steps and tools to get out of homelessness. Last week, with the help of Goodwill Industries Fort Worth, we hosted a Job Fair. With over 25 employers represented,  57 of our guests received on the spot confirmed jobs. 198 guests were given backpacks stuffed with toiletries and other goodies. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers, staff members and partnering employers for such a successful Job Fair. This was a HUGE success and an important start in the journey for many of our Tarrant County guests from homelessness to home. 

Voting ends May 27, 2017

The Dean & Deluca Colonial Volunteer Challenge Competition is HERE! Thanks to you all, our amazing Wally Diehl was able to win the Challenge for the last 2 years by receiving over 4,500 votes each year. These wins have allowed him to present over $60,000 to Presbyterian Night Shelter.

The 2017 Challenge is underway and we have some significant challenges from the entire cadre of the PGA Volunteers. To meet that challenge, we are asking for  YOUR VOTE  again this year.   

 Please go to and vote for PRESBYTERIAN NIGHT SHELTER to make Wally Diehl win for the third straight year!!! 
  1. Select A PGA Tournament
  2. Select "Dean & Deluca Invitational"
  3. Select "Vote for a Volunteer"
  4. Select letter "P" Vote for "PRESBYTERIAN NIGHT SHELTER"
  5. Complete the form and submit  

To 7 year old Brennan, age was merely a number when it came to action and advocacy for helping our guests who are currently struggling with homelessness. According to his family, Brennan has had a passion for fighting homelessness from a very young age and wanted to engage with his community about the issue and make an impact in guests lives. 

With the help of Motive Real Estate and Melt Ice Cream, Brennan made a HUGE impact on our guests and raised awareness and funds for Presbyterian Night Shelter. His idea was based on his love for building paper airplanes. During Magnolia's Open Streets, they had a paper airplane target game set up outside of Melt's shop along with Melt's Ice Cream cart. Individuals could donate a small amount to the Presbyterian Night Shelter to make and fly an airplane, or to get one premade by Brennan's expert hands. Once they completed their airplane, they could FLY their plane through the target and WIN A SCOOP OF MELT. The concept was simple but impactful: Grab a scoop, fly a plane, and make a difference.  

savethedates Mark Your Calendar 

True Worth Place Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Thursday, May 25, 2017, True Worth Place RSVP to

Worth Honoring Luncheon: Thursday, November 9, 2017, Hilton Fort Worth

23rd Annual Home for the Holidays Gala: Friday, December 1, 2017, Fort Worth Club

For pictures of our 2016 events,  click here!

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The Presbyterian Night Shelter is proud to be celebrating over 30 years of service to our community and we are the only free area emergency shelter without length-of-stay restrictions.  More than just a provider of emergency shelter and meals, Presbyterian Night Shelter's main purpose is to provide resources that enable the homeless to re-enter mainstream society.   Started in 1984 by a group of Presbyterian ministers, the Shelter has served over 13 million meals and provided over 6 million nights stay.  We provide safe shelter, hot meals and services to  650 homeless men, women and children each night within four facilities: Main Shelter for single men and women, women and children's facility, behavioral care facility (for the severely mentally ill), and Patriot House and Veterans Services program for homeless veterans.  Our mission is to guide the journey home, providing the services and resources to end homelessness for each man, woman and child who walk through our doors.