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Flip Flops
May 2018
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

Summer is here and many of you or your kids will be wearing Flip Flops.  The problem is that several hours of standing and walking with flip flops leads to Plantar Fascitis plus pain in the knees, hips, and back.  Even worse, standard flip flops have been shown to cause up to 200,000 injuries per year and that is only what is reported.  Most think that an occasional wearing of them isn't harmful, but they are.  4 hours walking around misaligns the body, almost like an auto-accident.  The body doesn't just return to normal, instead a cascading effect takes place whereby the misalignments become worse and then I get the call for an adjustment.
This can be so easily avoided and still enjoy the fun of wearing flip flops.  The key is wearing "custom orthotics flip flops".
Can you imagine slipping on flip flops and enjoying your day without worrying about the consequences?  This possibility has only been available recently. 
For those of you who already have custom orthotics from me, just call the office and tell one of my staff that you want to order a flip flop.  We can order you a set from your last scan.  For those that have never thought about how important your feet are to your alignment and posture, make an appointment to be laser evaluated.  From these measurements I can have a custom orthotic flip flop made for you or a family member. 
Get started before summer is really here!

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