The Journey of Practice Transformation

"Life is a journey, not a destination" R.W. Emerson
As we end Cohort 2 and begin Cohort 4, I am reminded of my own journey with practice transformation. I have learned over my 35 years as a pharmacist that practice transformation is a journey—not a destination. Sure, there are practice domains, workflow strategies, and economic considerations that... click here for the rest of the article.
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation
Flip the Pharmacy
3rd Annual Flip the Pharmacy Awards
Nomination Period is Underway. Nominate Your Favorites!

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Here are the Award categories:
Pharmacy of the Year is given to a participating pharmacy in Cohort 2 or 3 that is an all-star FtP participant and role model pharmacy practice, excelling in their transformation of all domains of the program
  • Candidates are nominated by Flip the Pharmacy Coaches or Team Leads
Most Transformed Pharmacy of the Year is given to a participating pharmacy in Cohort 2 or 3 that exhibits exemplary transformation progress, overcoming challenges to make meaningful changes in the pharmacy practice during Flip the Pharmacy participation
  • Candidates are nominated by Flip the Pharmacy Coaches or Team Leads
Flip the Pharmacy Team of the Year is given to a funded team in Cohort 2 or 3 that exhibits an exemplary commitment to supporting its pharmacies and the overall purpose of Flip the Pharmacy
  • Candidates are nominated by participating pharmacies, Team Leads, or Flip the Pharmacy Coaches
Flip the Pharmacy Practice Transformation Coach of the Year is given to a practice transformation coach for Cohort 2 or 3 who goes above and beyond to facilitate the success of the pharmacy or pharmacies they coach.
  • Candidates are nominated by participating pharmacies

Hurry! Deadline for submitting nominations is August 31, 2022
Flip the Pharmacy Change Package
for August 2022
Opioid Progression
This month, we are focused on implementing aspects from Domains 4 and 5 of the Opioid Progression. Domain 4 is focusing on optimizing technology and eCare Plans; Domain 5 is establishing valuable relationships with other care team members. Only one more month to go with a focus on opioids and then we will transition to immunizations.
Ideas reviewed in the change package show how to continue transforming pharmacy practice:
  • Implement a workflow for opioids prescribed for acute conditions
  • Engage with patients receiving an opioid prescription for chronic pain and discuss their goals of treatment
  • Share your opioid efforts, including naloxone prescribing, with prescribers and other healthcare team members

 Click here or the image to view the change package.
Flip the Pharmacy
Best Practices Webinar

Please join us for our next session!
Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 1 p.m. ET

If you missed the August session,
Kelly Kent, RPh, PharmD, BCPS and Kaitlyn Pegump, PharmD
from Towncrest Pharmacy with Team Iowa shared how
they are implementing pharmacist-prescribed paxlovid.
Click here for the recording. 

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Whatever Happened to Predictability?

These days, it feels like there is little predictability in the pharmacy industry, or at least the type of predictability that pharmacists would like. Most previous models of pharmacy included the act of filling and dispensing prescriptions. With declining reimbursements, increasing DIR fees, and changes in the workforce, this model cannot provide for sustainability in pharmacy...

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Bruno Tching
Pharmacist and Owner
Inland Pharmacy in Hemet, California
Flip the Pharmacy
Featured in
America's Pharmacist

CPESN North Carolina pharmacist Ashley Duggins, owner of Prevo Drug in Asheboro, North Carolina, was recently featured in the August 2022 issue of America's Pharmacist. in an article entitled Coaching for Chronic Care.

Click here for the feature story.
Technology Solutions Partners
Workflow Webinars

The Flip the Pharmacy / CPESN Workflows Webinars hosted by the Technology Solutions Partners (TSPs) is a series to help your pharmacy staff understand how to maximize their technology systems for eCare Plan documentation.
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the dates and times provided by our TSPs.
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